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Simplify: Smarter Automated Internet Connection Switching On Android

Android users looking for a smarter, convenient and automated solution to switch internet connections on their devices need not look any further than Simplify. Developed by Nextwave Technology, Simplify provides Android users with an internet connection management interface that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but requires minimal user intervention to help you connect to your preferred networks. Using various predefined connectivity modes of the app, you can easily and instantly connect to your favorite networks with a mere tap. Be it a Wi-Fi network of choice or your cellular data, Simplify can keep you permanently connected to the internet by automatically switching between the available connection(s). In addition, it brings to the table a completely secure, touch-free and instant Wi-Fi profile sharing with your friends via NFC Beam (Android 4.0 or higher only). Manually switching back and forth between required Wi-Fi connections was never as easy as is made by the app, which lets you select a specific connection through simple drag-and-drop gestures. That’s not all; Simplify is quite ecofriendly, helps you discover nearby Wi-Fi hotspots on map, remembers your connection preferences, supports a mighty helpful homescreen widget to toggle between connection modes, comes with stern integration with social networks, and packs several other handy features that we shall explore after the break.


Although not the only app of its kind in the Google Play Store, Simplify has to be appreciated for the fact that it is easily one of the most comprehensive ones out there. Despite supporting a slew of handy options, it doesn’t charge you a single dime. What’s even better is that you are not required to get your hands dirty with all sorts of extensive preliminary configurations in order to manage your internet connections accordingly.


When launched, Simplify greets you with several welcome screens that help you learn about its various built-in features. Past that, you are presented with the list of all the available internet connections. The network to which you are currently connected to gets displayed at the very top, followed by the rest of available options. Need to switch connections? Just drag and drop the required connection to the top, and you’re done. Need to manually add a new connection? Hit the + icon in the top-right. Tapping a connection lets you set it as public or private, like it on Facebook, edit its details, push its settings backup to a cloud storage of your liking, or tag it to a favorite location, so that you’re always automatically connected to the selected network as soon as you step into that particular vicinity.


Now we come to arguably the best feature of Simplify: the circular dial carrying all the connectivity toggles. To understand things better, please go through the brief description of each toggle provided below:

  • Offline: Lets you disconnect from the internet altogether.
  • Always On: Keeps you permanently connected to the internet by automatically switching between and forth between the available connections (Wi-Fi and cellular network).
  • Wi-Fi Only: Connects you to the internet over Wi-Fi only.
  • Eco Surf: Skips networks with poor connectivity while detecting Wi-Fi hotspots, thereby ensuring that you’re instantly connected to only the best available option. Ensures that your device doesn’t lose too much of battery while circling between all sorts of connections.
  • Discovery: Explore nearby public Wi-Fi hotspots on Google Maps.

The Simplify homescreen widget comprises the same set of toggles as presented by the circular dial mentioned above. By having all the various connection modes on your homescreen, you no longer need to sift through menus or tap too many buttons in order to specify your connectivity preferences. In fact, once you’ve managed your connections/networks accordingly, you’ll probably only need the Simplify widget to set the preferred connection mode.


Ignoring the few odd Force Close instances, the app worked almost flawlessly on Galaxy Nexus. Simplify is currently compatible with only Android v2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

Download Simplify Smart Wi-Fi Manager For Android

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