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SlideLock Is An iOS 7-Inspired Android Lock Screen App With Support For Pebble Notifications

We have covered a truckload of Android lock screen apps for our readers in the past. Back in December, we reviewed Dodol Locker, which features a diverse range of themes to give the lock screen a quick makeover. Then there’s Cover, a unique solution that determines the apps you use during certain times of the day and automatically provides quick access to them from the lock screen. We’ve also featured quite a few replacements that clone the lock screens of other platforms, such as Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen and Espier Screen Locker iOS7. SlideLock seems to take inspiration from the iOS 7 lock screen as well, but unlike Espier’s apps, it isn’t a complete clone. It borrows core features from the iOS 7 lock screen – simple design, quick access to notifications and the camera app – and adds a couple of its own to improve the overall experience. Details to follow.

At first launch, SlideLock asks to be enabled first from the Accessibility screen in settings. Once activated, the app replaces the default lock screen on your device.

SlideLock displays all your notifications right on the lock screen. Whenever you receive a notification, the app will automatically wake the screen for a few seconds so you don’t have to press the power button to check it yourself. You can slide individual notifications to the left to dismiss them, or to the right to view the underlying content. The button to the top-right of the notification area dismisses all notifications at once. To unlock, simply swipe the lock screen to the right. Swiping it to the left opens the camera app.

SlideLock_Activate SlideLock SlideLock_Camer

By default, SlideLock displays notifications for all the apps installed on your Android device, but you have the option to customize this. Simply launch SlideLock from your app drawer and toggle individual apps On or Off as you see fit.

Other elements can be customized from the app’s Settings screen. These settings are split into Lockscreen, Notifications, Sound and Advanced sections. Lockscreen, for instance, allows you to specify time and date formats. The Notifications section lets you control the behavior of alerts, while Sound lets you toggle the unlock sound and vibration (only available in the paid version of the app).

Another interesting bit about SlideLock is its support for the Pebble smartwatch. Once your Pebble has been paired with your Android device, you can receive its notifications on SlideLock. Settings for this can be found under the Advanced section.

SlideLock_Option SlideLock_Settings SlideLock_Advanced

Although SlideLock is far from being a feature-rich app, the minimal design and quick notifications access makes it worth trying out, especially for Pebble users.

Install SlideLock from Play Store

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