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Smart Launcher For Android Boasts A Fast, Minimal Yet Beautiful UI

While many people buy a smartphone to run apps, check emails, surf the internet (and make phone calls too), it’s the customization factor of Android that really shines and give it an advantage over the likes of iOS and Windows Phone. When we speak of customization, it’s not just merely changing the wallpaper or swapping the Message icon, but the complete interface overhaul that third-party Android launchers bring with them. Smart Launcher Special is a new Android launcher based on the already popular Smart Launcher and Smart Launcher Pro, and has recently gone free in the Google Play Store as a limited time offer. The app brings with it all the features of the Pro variant and is being offered free for a limited time. For more details, read on.

The utmost edge Smart Launcher Special holds over the stock Android launcher (and other manufacturer-customized or third-party launchers for that matter) is the gorgeous, minimalist-friendly interface. There are no ugly icons to deal with, nor any cluttered home screens laden with random widgets. In fact, Smart Launcher Special keeps both of them (shortcuts and widgets) separate from one another. The main screen, aka the Quick Start screen, presents app shortcuts arranged in a flower-like shape that looks fairly immaculate, thanks to their uniform design. They are round and can be easily customized to your choice. Existing shortcuts can be removed by dragging them out of your way to the bottom right. In addition, when you tap an icon, a plus button pops up in the middle, letting you add additional shortcuts.

Smart Launcher Special Smart Launcher Special_Widget

To enter the widgets area, simply tap the minuscule icon at the bottom-right. Likewise, you can tap and hold your finger on the screen to bring up the wallpaper menu. The widgets screen also looks equally nice, and you can place whatever widget you like on it. Unlike the Quick Start screem, the widgets section comprise of multiple home screens.

The app drawer is accessible via its pertaining button at the Quick Start screen or swipe gesture from the left edge, and it keeps your apps well organized under different categories named Communication, Internet, Media, Utility and Settings. This makes it easier to access things you want. If you’re not happy with the preconfigured categories, you can easily customize their names under Settings. The Preferences screen of the launcher lets you customize a plethora of options under Settings and Personalization.

Smart Launcher Special_App Drawer Smart Luncher

Settings let users toggle functions such as status bar visibility, screen orientation, drawer activation mode, clock, left-handed mode and so on. Similarly, the Personalization section lets you apply cosmetic changes to the app, ranging from clock style and global theme to icon size and categories labels etc.

Smart Launcher Special_Settings Smart Launcher Special_Customization

So, if you like to keep your Android home screen simple and minimal yet functional and elegant, give Smart Launcher Special a shot while the offer lasts. You can download it via the link provided below.

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Download Smart Launcher Special For Android (Free for limited time)

Download Smart Launcher For Android (Free)

Download Smart Launcher Pro For Android (Paid)


  1. I installed this for my mother as it seems a bit more simple. It’s actually pretty neat.

    • The limited-time free version has expired, apparently. I’ve added a link to the feature-limited free version and one to the full (paid) version.

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