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Smart Messenger Might Be The Most Customizable & Intelligent Messaging App For Android

If you’ve been using Android phones for a while now, you should be no stranger to messaging replacement apps. Some focus on the aesthetics and others on extra functions like auto-reply, scheduling, filters, etc., but none of the current lot offer an example that sets a high bar for all future SMS apps. Enter Smart Messenger by XDA-Developers forum member ‘deanwray’ – the messaging app that we believe all others will bow down to. The app – currently in beta – is wrapped up in a great UI that takes cues from Google’s ‘Holo’ design guidelines. The app also comes bundled with a few eye-candy themes (with more likely coming soon), and has plenty of features and advanced settings that will keep you hooked. For example, the app sports a Filters & Rules feature that left my Editor calling it the ‘Tasker for SMS’. Yes, it is that customizable. It also supports scheduling, Google Drive uploads, syncing with the stock SMS app, all while it is still in the works, with a bunch of more features in the pipeline. More on this brilliant app right after the jump.

Smart Messenger Beta 01

As mentioned earlier, the app is still in its beta stage, hence there are certain features that are unavailable for now but should be running fine once the final version hits the the Play Store.

 Smart Messenger Beta 03 Smart Messenger Beta 21 Smart Messenger Beta 001

The interface is very polished and gives you that clean, minimal look, reminiscent of Google’s Holo design philosophy. The developer has added support for emojis. For now, if you don’t have a contact saved, you will not be able to enter the phone number manually, as the app just wont recognize it.

Sending pictures via SMS is a fairly simple concept, but a neat feature nonetheless. The app uploads the image to your Google Drive account synced with the app and shares the link with the receiver. More on this later on in the review.

Smart SMS is not functional as yet, and regarding it’s purpose, the developer is yet to reveal that. You will also notice the lack of MMS support right now, but again, it is because the app is in beta.

Smart Messenger Beta 1 Smart Messenger Beta 04

The app opens to your last viewed conversation thread. When viewing a thread, swipe leftwards across the screen to see a list of all conversations, scroll through them and quickly jump to your selection. The ‘More’ button in the top-right corner of the main screen calls he app’s main menu, which is divided into Settings, Schedules and Filters & Rules sections.

Smart Messenger Beta 05 Smart Messenger Beta 06 Smart Messenger Beta 07

Using this feature, you can automate SMS consumption by defining multiple simple and complex rules that are then executed by priority. For example, you can set the app to display or hide texts from certain contacts in the notification area, move them to a different message box, or delete them as soon as they are received. You can also define rules for auto-reply or forwarding and pair them up with the aforementioned rules. The list of possibilities is already quite long, and the developer intends to further enrich this section of the app.

Smart Messenger Beta 12 Smart Messenger Beta 11

Custom message boxes can be created and managed from the More menu. A passcode can be assigned to each message box to restrict unauthorized access. Want to keep stuff away from prying eyes? Simply enable ‘Hide this destination’ and the message box will not appear in the Message Boxes screen. You can currently manage message boxes and assign messages to them, but the locking feature is still in the works.

Smart Messenger Beta 11 Smart Messenger Beta 12

Scheduling is much simpler and contains all the usual options – defining a name for the task, the recipients of the text, the message body and the time & date of the first occurrence. You can then set a scheduled text to be sent repeatedly by selecting an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom cycle from under ‘Repeat Options’. You can also define till what date or number of texts should the task be repeated.

Smart Messenger Beta 14 Smart Messenger Beta 16 Smart Messenger Beta 20

The ‘Settings & Tools’ section is where you can tinker with the the theme, link your Google Drive account to the app to store pictures and other multimedia, sync with the stock SMS app, etc. The Backup/Restore option isn’t available right now, but will be added in future iterations.

One feature of the interface that really stands out, is the ability to choose between right-handed or left-handed controls. So if you’re a lefty, you can choose the left-handed arrangement to move all the buttons and menus on the far-right of the screen to the left for easier control.

Smart Messenger Beta 08 Smart Messenger Beta 09 Smart Messenger Beta 19

The themes are applied to the entire interface of the app and not just conversation threads or the main screen. The developer plans on including a dedicated theme gallery for the app instead of the simple drop-down menu that’s there at the moment.

Watch the following demo video to see the app in action:

Video courtesy of the developer.

Smart Messenger isn’t available to all on the Play Store right now, but you can grab a testers copy by joining the XDA Android App Testers community on Google+ and following the app’s Play Store link from there. If you’re having trouble finding the entry for the app on the community page, simply hit Ctrl + F in your browser and enter “Smart Messenger”.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. I would REALLY like to have outgoing bubbles on the left, not the right. Really hoping your app will allow that. I’m also looking forward to a more adult-interface. So many of us are no longer eight years old and don’t care for the newer themes in stock messaging apps.

  2. @Goran Simonski
    Inbox cause thats the default location, can have filters that push messages to many custom messageboxes!
    And it does import existing SMS from stock DB, if you read on the group and the app thread at xda 😉

  3. it’s a bit strange that it doesn’t import existing sms messages. and i don’t really get why the “inbox” is necessary for an sms app. it looks great though.

  4. @Zain well not yet, but after beta you can…

    oh and btw, you can enter any number and hit + for it to send a sms to a number..

    And thanks for the preview comments 🙂 Much to do yet..

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