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Smthngs For Android: Elegant Task Management App With Cloud Support

Apps and web services based on the concept of Get Things Done (GTD) are a great way to enhance your productivity, as they let you easily manage complex organizational tasks, collaborate with concerned people to brainstorm ideas, and keep a close tab on the progress of your overall goals. Personally speaking, Smthngs is easily one of the most user-friendly GTD-based online task management services that I’ve come across thus far. The service takes care of your long-term, as well as short-term, tasks and projects in a simple way by providing you with various time-based categories. In addition, it lets you define new tasks, complete with the required tags, collaborators, notes, deadlines, reminders, geo-tagging, and provides you with all the various tools that are required to specify project details. Although not as functional as the web app itself, the (recently released) official Android client of Smthngs helps you keep an eye on your Smthngs projects while on the move.

Smthngs-Android-Login Smthngs-Android-Home

First things first; you’ll need to log in to the app using a valid Smthngs ID. New accounts can be created from within the app for free. Since Smthngs supports syncing your tasks and projects to cloud, so you can access your personal cloud content, complete with updated preferences, right from the mobile device. Just like the Smthngs’ web app, the UI of the mobile app is all about simplicity and helping you with accessing your projects/tasks from relevant categories. The Android client lets you explore your existing projects and tasks, define new tasks, transform a task into project (and vice versa), archive completed tasks, maneuver tasks between various folders as per their respective completion status, and sync updated settings to the cloud.

Smthngs-Android-New-Note Smthngs-Android-Archive

In addition, it supports as many as four different homescreen widgets, each dedicated to displaying the total number of tasks/projects included within your Inbox, Today, Next or Someday folder. Even while offline, you can keep updating project details within the app, and have all the recent changes synced to the cloud as soon as you connect to the internet.

Smthngs-Android-Widgets1 Smthngs-Android-Widgets2

As mentioned earlier, the Android variant of Smthngs is still not anywhere near its web counterpart, since it currently lacks a few basic options like real-time collaboration with contacts, tag editing, content filtering, specifying task reminder timings, geo-tagging, and task sharing. However, going by the developer’s word, it won’t be too long before the Android client of Smthngs emerges as a full-fledge GTD-based task management app. Hopefully, an iOS variant of the service will also be released soon to attract a large contingent of users from across the ‘other’ popular mobile platform.

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