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Social Events Discovery App Moment.me Comes To Android

Based on event-oriented social media aggregation and discovery, Moment.me is an interactive web service that presents you with user-submitted content on events from all across the globe. Be it a sporting festival, a music concert, your private family party, a political gathering, or any moment worth sharing with others, Moment.me lets you view all the photos, videos and tweets relevant to each event in a visually appealing, unified layout. Besides discovering and tracking worldwide events, you can use Moment.me to share your own live events both publicly and privately with select contacts. As of now, Moment.me supports aggregating content shared on a large number of online services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and email. That’s not all – you can contribute to any event by sharing relevant media. Moment.me also supports staunch integration with Aviary’s native photo editor to let you beautify and edit your images. While the official iOS app of Moment.me has been around for a while, the Android version has just been released to the Play Store.


Just like the Moment.me web app, its official Android app is all about discovering crowd-sourced content from worldwide events, seeing various events from your friends’ eyes, and sharing your own moments with those you care about. The good thing about Moment.me is that it doesn’t require registering for a new account. Instead, you can log in to the app using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ ID.

After you log in for the first time, the app prompts you to sign in to the services that you wish to connect with Moment.me. The app presents all its data under four different tabs: Feed, Trending, Nearby and Me.


The Feed tab offers a unified stream of moments (photos and videos) initiated by your friends on Moment.me. It is from here that you can track events that your friends are attending. If you happen to be at the same event as them, you can use this timeline view to check out what your other friends have to say and share any information regarding the event, all in real-time. Each event/moment can be easily identified by its respective title and the thumbnails of multimedia content included therein. In addition, you can keep a close watch on the number of event participants, tweets and media files shared under a particular moment.


If you wish to find out about events taking place in different parts of the world, just head over to the Trending screen. As with the previous tab, the Trending screen lets you view all the shared content pertaining to these events. You are also provided with the option to contribute to the stream by sharing your own content. Moreover, you can invite more ‘moment makers’ (contributors) from various services, and share the moment itself with your mates. For each photo/video featured on Moment.me, you can view its source service and contributor, user comments, and people who ‘loved’ the content as well as those tagged in the image.


The same applies to the events listed under the Nearby tab, with the only difference being that it shows only the events taking place in or around your current location. Alongside each moment, you’re presented with its respective distance from your place. You’ll be able to easily tell if its a live event, via the relevant badge on the event thumbnail.


You can create a new event by assigning it a custom title and letting the app know who’d be your moment makers, and what services would they be using. Each newly created custom event goes live instantly, and can be filled with images and videos shared by all the contributors. As mentioned above, prior to uploading your photos, you can edit and enhance them using the trusted services of Aviary photo editor.


Like its iOS counterpart, Moment.me for Android is available for free. You can download the app using the links provided below.

Download Moment.me For Android

Download Moment.me For iOS

Visit Moment.me Website

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