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Popular Minimal Weather App Solar Now Available For Android

Besides using our smartphones and tablets for the essentials – texting and calling, accessing the internet, reading emails and capturing photos – we find use for them in viewing daily weather forecasts. Almost over a year after it rolled out on the iPhone and iPad, the popular Solar : Weather app by Hollr, Inc. has made its way to the Android platform. And while its iOS counterpart was launched as a paid app on the App Store, the Play Store version is available for free and boasts the same gorgeous design that made it one of the best looking weather apps on iOS. Details and screenshots after the jump.

Most weather apps are usually loaded with a ton of features, intrusive UI elements and complex settings. Solar, on the other hand, aims to remain as simple and minimal as possible; it’s a pretty straight-forward weather app with no complicated options. The UI looks absolutely stunning thanks to the gradient background that changes with the weather condition. The top portion of the gradient represents the weather while the bottom part indicates the temperature.

Solar_Islamabad Solar_NY

Apart from the fascinating user interface, Solar offers gesture-based navigation that make it all the more snappy. For instance, swiping up brings in 24-hour forecasts, while swiping down extends the same to up to 3 days. Similarly, swiping left and right lets you navigate between different locations that you’ve added to the app.

Another way to interact with Solar is double tapping the screen, which gives you a bird’s eye-view of all the locations you’ve added to it. From within the same screen, you can tap the (+) button in the top-right corner to add more locations and the gear button to access the preferences screen. Solar doesn’t have a very packed settings menu; it just lets you toggle ‘Feels like’, vibration, change temperature units and station ID. You can also share the current weather through the stock in-app sharing menu.

Solar_All Solar_Settings

In a nutshell, Solar : Weather is one of the simplest and most gorgeous weather apps available on either platform. Download it to your Android device for free from the link provided below.

Install Solar : Weather from Play Store

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