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Solo Weather For Android Shows You Just The Right Amount Of Info In A Minimal Interface

We’ve covered a ton of weather apps in the past for our readers here at AddictiveTips. Just a few days back, we featured Solar: Weather – a recent release for Android that was initially released on iOS a year go. Likewise, people who fancy simple and minimal app designs may prefer Nice Weather instead. Speaking of minimalism, the weather app we have at your disposal today is a prime example of it. Labeled Solo Weather, the app sports a gorgeous design and is free from any intrusive UI elements, ads, and other annoying bits that many apps usually ship with these days. The app focuses on presenting you with just the right weather information and statistics while skipping on all the fancy background and animations that do look pretty but make an app more resource-hungry. Details to follow.

Solo Weather looks pretty slick; it’s not very customizable or feature-packed, but you would hardly care about such attributes after seeing how it presents the weather information. It lets you know about all the generic forecast details including temperature, wind speed and pressure, humidity, sunset and sunrise time and more. The informative homescreen of the app organizes the information under these sections: Current Weather, Forecast Trend for the next five days, Wind & pressure measurement, and Sun & Moon.

Solor Weather Solor Weather_Trend Solor Weather_Wind

Solo Weather doesn’t sport multiple themes, nor does it dynamically change its color according to the current weather condition as seen on Solar Weather and many other similar apps that we’ve reviewed from time to time, but the default blue interface is both beautiful and functional.

Solo Weather automatically detects your current location upon start, but also lets you add additional cities of your choice. To add additional location(s), simply tap the (+) button at the top-right corner, followed by specifying the city name. Here, you can also view all the cities and locations you’ve added, which also helps you view the current weather conditions of multiple locations from a single screen.

When it comes to the app’s settings, the developers haven’t crammed any unwanted options, though you can still toggle basic options such as auto update of weather and the interval between these updates, 12 and 24 hour format, and temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Solor Weather_Locations Solor Weather_City Solor Weather_settings

Overall, Solo Weather provides weather junkies with all the relevant forecast information without hogging their device’s performance or displaying annoying ads. It’s available for free at the Google Play Store and works on Android 4.0 and above.

Install Solo Weather from Play Store


  1. Great looking app. The only problem is that it seems to only be limited to one default location per city name. I wanted Columbia Missouri but it defaulted to Columbia South Carolina.

    Plus there is no state designation to tell you which city’s data is being displayed. I had to fire up another weather app and compare forecasts to figure out the info displayed was for the “wrong” Columbia.


    A little poking around and I found a way to get the correct Columbia. Enter a zip code in the “city name” text BOX (65201 for Columbia Missouri). It showed me “65201 United States” as an option in the results list.

    Only after you select that zip code item from the list will the actual city name appear on your screen (in your list of available weather locations).

    No satellite or radar maps that I could see. No moon phase info given unless it’s hidden somewhere).

    It is super easy to read and understand the information. Also, it’s great that someone has made sunrise and sunset info easy to access.

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