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SoundSeeder Brings Galaxy S4’s ‘Group Play’ Music Sharing To All Android Devices

Galaxy S4 caused quite a hullabaloo when it was unveiled back in March. Despite still being made chiefly from plastic and sporting a design not too different from its predecessor,  the phone’s primary reason for success lies in its powerful innards intertwined with some exciting software implementations. One of those features is dubbed Group Play that allows multiple S4 devices to connect together to play the same music track simultaneously on all of them. TuneMob brings the same Group Play feature to iOS, and works over Bluetooth. If you’re looking for something similar on Android that works on all devices rather than just the S4, SoundSeeder Music Player and SoundSeeder Speaker are worth giving a shot. The former of these acts as a server on the device that has the music, with the other acting as the client for the rest of the phones in the group. More details after the break.

The apps work over Wi-Fi and once it has been enabled, you can easily start your streaming sessions between the server and client devices. This in turns creates a powerful surround sound effect and can do wonders during those late night parties. When it comes to the audio formats, it supports MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, 3GP, OGG and FLAC.

On the surface, SoundSeeder Music Player is very simple and lightweight, with not many powerful features that are found in the more popular music apps. It sports a barebones, easy to navigate interface that gives you access to your music library and lets you find and play a song, and that’s pretty much all you can do on it when it comes to music playback. You won’t even find an equalizer or any fancy visualizations, since that isn’t the focus of the app.

SoundSeeder Music Player_Device Songs List

Where SoundSeeder really excels is its ability to connect multiple Android devices to play the same song over Wi-Fi, setting it apart from other music players available at Play Store. Since the music player acts as a server and the Speaker app acts as a client, you need to specify a unique network name for both apps upon launch to let them identify and connected to each other. Now lets see how it all works.

Playback Settings

To get started, download SoundSeeder Music Player and SoundSeeder Speaker on your required devices and launch them. Make sure all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, and specify the same unique group name on all ends. The apps will then automatically identify and connect across all devices. On the speaker app, you’ll need to tap the appropriate Player device name once prompted for it.

SoundSeeder Speaker Playback Settings

Coming back to the Music Player app, hit the minuscule speaker icon in home screen to see the listed devices. You can also tap any of the connected speaker devices from the list to connect or disconnect it as well as adjust output volume and channels for it, with the options including stereo, right and left. Now simply playback any song and you will be able to hear the sound from all connected speaker devices, in addition to the player device.

Speaker Device Options

The free version of SoundSeeder only allows up to 4 minutes of connection time between server and host, after which you will need to restart playback. Also, you are only allowed one connected speaker with the free version. These limitations can be removed with in-app purchases to allow unlimited connection time and number of speaker devices you can connect. You can download both player and speaker apps of SoundSeeder from the links provided below.

Install SoundSeeder Music Player from Play Store

Install SoundSeeder Speaker from Play Store

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