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Sparky Lock Screen Revamps Android Lockscreen With Great Themes & Quick Gestures

If you type ‘how to customize Android lock screen’ on Google, WidgetLocker is likely among the first app you will encounter in the results. Being fairly popular and often cited as must-have lock screen replacement for any customization freak, WidgetLocker gives users plenty of control over Android’s lock screen, carrying a truckload of customization options ranging from turning on your flashlight and jumping to camera to accessing your phone’s other features without much hassle. If that doesn’t quite float your boat, there are plenty of other options available too, some of which we have covered in our Android lock screen customization guide. Though if you’ve been searching for something different, try Sparky Lock Screen. The app basically takes over default lock screen and has several elegant-looking themes available that can completely revamp how it looks and works.

Sparky Lock Screen takes full advantage of the available real estate of your lock screen, and giving you quick access to basic apps and functions like messaging, calls, emails etc. without having to unlock the device first. When you launch the app, you land on its splash screen of sorts, and upon sliding to the right, Sparky reveals its themes collection for you to choose from, all of which look absolutely gorgeous. The Lite version ships with 2 themes out of the box (Donut and Sketchy), while the full version will give you access to additional themes like Panel, Boarding, Minimal Black, Control and Surreal.

Sparky Lock Screen Lite Themes

Each theme has it own distinctive feel to it. The app boasts gesture support (dubbed drag to action) for lock screen shortcuts. For instance, the Donut theme allows you to access your emails, messages and calls directly from the lock screen by tapping at the center of the donut and dragging your finger in the required action’s direction. Likewise, swiping up from the bottom unlocks the device. A great thing about Sparky is that the Lite version lets you test drive each theme if you want before shelling out your money on the full version. Each theme also displays time and date on the lock screen. To activate the selected theme, simply tap the Activate button at the bottom-right.

Theme Activate Instructions Test

Although Sparky offers certain lock screen improvements over the stock option, it’s far from bring as feature-rich as WidgetLocker. For instance, you cannot add custom widgets to the lock screen, and the configuration options are also very basic, only letting you toggle unlock sound and status bar display, and choose the time format. Also, Sparky doesn’t support lock screen security, meaning if you rely on any sort of lock other than the default slider, it’ll be a no-go for you.

Screenshot_2013-07-24-14-08-10 Settings LockScreem

Overall, its a great-looking lock screen replacement app that comes with many fascinating themes to spice up your Android experience.

Download Sparky Lock Screen Lite (Free)

Download Sparky Lock Screen (Paid)

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