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SportsYapper For Android: Have Real-Time Discussions With Fans Of Your Favorite Sports

Chanting, cheering, booing, arguing and challenging are a few characteristics that you are almost certain to find in any sports fanatic, and why not, for the best way to enjoy any game is by sharing it with your mates. There are plenty of apps available across various mobile app stores that connect you to worldwide fans for sharing sentiments and insights about your favorite sports with each other. Inject a dose of additional social networking to said concept, and you get SportsYapper – a real-time communication platform for sports fans. Initially launched as an iOS-exclusive app, SportsYapper is now available for Android devices too. Encompassing almost all renowned global sports and teams, the app lets you indulge in real-time conversations regarding anything from live games to a team or player, with other fans (referred to as Yapps within the app).

You must first authorize the app to access your Facebook ID. Once logged in, you’re welcomed by a screen split into four main tabs, namely All Yapps, Teams, Game On! and Alerts.


However, before exploring these tabs, let’s first find out what that white speech bubble in the top-right corner is all about. Tapping this button lets you start a new Yapp. For this, all you need to do is select your favorite Sports > Team, compose a new message, opt to share it on Facebook/Twitter, push the Yapp! button, and wait for other interested fans to join the discussion.


The All Yapp tab on the app’s main screen lists your personal and worldwide Yapps. You can join any discussion of choice by tapping its title. The app also lets you view all Yapps from other users, reply to them, and start following the users who have sporting interests similar to yours. Furthermore, you may filter out all Yapps relating to a specific sport or team, and join relevant conversation with ease.

The Teams tab, as its name suggests, lets you select your favorite sports teams, while at the same time, allowing you to keep a close tab on Yapps involving teams that you’re already following. Likewise, the Alert tab is from where you can keep an eye on any activities on the SportsYapper network that involve you in one way or the other.


Watching a live game and have no one nearby to discuss its proceedings with? That’s exactly what the Game On! tab on the app’s homescreen is there to take care of. Provided there’s a live sports event going on anywhere in the world that deserves your friends’ attention, all you need to do is hit the Game On! button, select the involved teams, and instantly create a brand new Yapp. Each new Yapp automatically expires after a maximum of five hours. However, you have the option to switch such Yapps off  manually as soon as the game is over.


Another useful part of the app is its customizable push notifications. The app allows you to enable push notifications for specific events. For instance, there is the option to enable/disable notifications for a new GameOn! triggered by your friends or by Yapps itself, for new followers, replies to your Yapps, or any mentions aimed at you.

Like its iOS counterpart, SportsYapper for Android is free to download.

Download SportsYapper for Android

Download SportsYapper for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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