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Spotlight By BlueStacks Helps You Discover Five Free Android Apps & Games Each Day

Many Android users find themselves browsing Google Play Store often during their idle moments to discover new apps to install and play around with. But as we know, Play Store isn’t the most intuitive of choices to come when it comes to discovering apps. We’ve covered plenty of third-party app discovery tools such as AppGenius and Swably etc. in the past that let you find and download fresh apps and games without much effort. Spotlight is yet another similar application for Android that comes with a twist. Instead of you finding the apps, it let the apps find you by presenting you with a small list of new games or apps everyday. What’s more interesting about this ‘app a day’ service is that you can get even paid apps for free (legally) when they are part of the daily list. Details after the jump.

The application is developed by the folks at BlueStacks – creators of the popular BlueStacks App Player that allows you to run Android apps on Windows or Mac OS X. Spotlight is quite different from BlueStacks previous efforts; even though it doesn’t bring anything entirely new to the table, it provides an awesome solution for discovering a new apps and games every 24 hours.

Spotlight Google Play

The interface of Spotlight looks pretty neat, elegant and simple at best. Flat UIs are increasingly becoming a norm these days so we really don’t have anything to complain here. Once launched, you’re presented with a list of five apps or games from different developers. It only gives a brief summary of the app’s description accompanied by its title and icon. The bright green Install button next to every item in the list lets you jump to its Play Store page and download the app from there. BlueStacks is even working with big names of the industry to presents latest releases before anyone else by listing the apps first at Spotlight.

Spotlight allows you to download a total of 5 apps a day. If you somehow didn’t manage to grab yesterday’s deal, you can always go back and download the last 5 offers of the previous day anytime. BlueStacks claim that they are working with a multitude of developers to bring more apps to their service, including many popular names like Rovio, Glu, Storm8 and more.

Spotlight is available for free at Google Play Store. You can use the download link below to download it your device.

Install Spotlight from Play Store

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