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Stack Exchange Gets Official App For Android Devices

Stack Exchange is a popular network of various questions and answers websites covering a wide array of topics including cooking, photography, programming, business, web development, gaming, arts and more. Each site is build as a community to encourage users to ask and answer questions, and in turn gain reputation and badges based on their activity on the sites. The main idea started with the launch of Stack Overflow – the first site of the network – which gradually expanded to several others like Super User, Arqade, Webmasters and so on. The only missing piece of the puzzle so far was a good mobile app, which now finally changes with the official release of the Stack Exchange Android app, with the iOS version soon to follow.

The Android app provides you access to all the sites within the Stack Exchange network, and sports a really elegant and snappy user interface. You can use the app without an account if you wish and browse Q&As from other users without any limitations, but you won’t be able to ask or answer any questions that way. Making a new account in the app is fairly easy though, and you can use your Google account for swift start. Needless to say, those who already have an account can use it to log in.

Upon landing on the main screen of Stack Exchange, you’re presented with your feed that displays a list of topics from sites you have subscribed. This new feed feature is pretty helpful in viewing all topics of interests from all sites of the network under one roof. You can scroll the feed vertically to view more topics, while swiping leftwards next to the topic reveals more questions within the same time frame. The process of asking new question is also fairly fast, thanks to the Q button located at the top-right.

Stack Exchange_Sign up Stack Exchange_Main

When you tap on a topic, the full question is revealed, upon which you can view answers from other users as well as quickly leave your own say on the topic. Stack Exchange allows users to upvote answers that they find useful, in turn letting the person who left that answer earn positive reputation.

Stack Exchange_Qs Stack Exchange_Ans

Stack Exchange also lets you add sites that you tend to read the most for quick access. Besides making them instantly accessible, it also allows you to post your own questions to the subscribed ones. The list of currently subscribed sites can be accessed via the navigation drawer. Sites list aside, you can also quickly search for custom questions via the search field.

Stack Exchange also supports notifications for replies posted on answers, topics, chats etc. These notifications can be customized, and you can further set quiet hours as well as toggle vibration and sound.

Stack Exchange_Sidebar Stack Exchange_Sites Stack Exchange_SuperUser

The Android app of Stack Exchange works on Android 4.0 and up. You can download it for free from Google Play.

Install Stack Exchange from Play Store

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