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Stereomood For Android & iOS Streams Music That Matches Your Mood

I love listening to music, and those hundreds of tracks constituting my Android’s music library serve as an ideal testament to the fact. The problem, however, is that neither do I have sufficient tracks from each and every genre to cater to my sudden mood oscillations, nor are there any easy means to sort whatever meagre options I have at hand as per my sentiments. Stereomood, a music streaming web app that lets users filter and listen to tracks that fit their mood, has decided to lend some much-needed help in this regard by launching official Android and iOS apps. Laced with hundreds of mood-oriented playlists, the official Stereomood mobile client ensures that you no longer have to fear waking up to a heavy metal track while listening to lullabies, or run into a series of classical tracks while looking to play just party music. The app has been designed to play only the sort of music that matches your mood, and to help you with picking the ideal playlist, it presents you with a neat tag cloud interface, complete with the tags referring to all the various mood-based playlists featured on Stereomood.

Stereomood-Android-iOS-Login Stereomood-Android-iOS-Tag-Cloud

There’s more to Stereomood than just streaming tracks matching your chosen mood; each playlist packs dozens of songs that keep changing on daily basis. Each track that you’re listening to can be liked, skipped, assigned a custom tag, bought from Amazon and/or shared over social networks as well as via email. The ‘Stereotags’ (music tags) offered by the app are filterable not just by mood, but also by the trending music, users, random offering or those depicting your particular mood. It is worth mentioning here that in order to present you with appropriate suggestions from the latter category, the app needs to learn about your personal tastes and preferences, which is something that it accumulates over a period of time.

Stereomood-Android-iOS-List Stereomood-Android-iOS-Player

In order to get into the groove, you’ll need to log into the app using a Stereomood or Facebook ID. Through in-app registration, you can get yourself a new account for free. Past the login phase, you’re greeted by the tag cloud screen that provides a chance to let the app know of your current mood. Don’t fancy utilizing the cloud interface? Switch to the list view, hit a tag of choice, and leave the rest to Stereomood. You’ll then be lead to the app’s music player, complete with the playback controls, album art, artist info, and the like, skip and tag select buttons.

Stereomood-Android-iOS-Tags Stereomood-Android-iOS-Playlist

Want to see what the chosen playlist has in the offing? Just drag the playlist bar at the bottom upwards, sift through the list and make your choice. As with any quality music streaming app, Stereomood also supports background playback. While the music exploration and filtering capabilities of the app are praiseworthy, the frequent force close instances (at least on Galaxy Nexus) can prove to be a nuisance. Other than that, Stereomood is certainly worth a place on your smartphone/tablet, especially if you often feel short of quality music options relevant to your mood or the occasion.

Stereomood is free in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store; however, should you wish to remove the ads, there is the option within the app to remedy the issue by buying the developer ‘a cup of coffee’. Download links to both the variants of the app are provided below. While the app downloads, check out its official demo video.

Download Stereomood for Android

Download Stereomood for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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  1. Nice to see that StereoMood has an app again. They had one, but developed by a third party, and it was removed from the then-Android Market not long after I downloaded it. I don’t know what happened, but the StereoMood people said they’d have a new Android app soon…

    …but it’s been quite a while. So it’s nice to see that there’s finally a new one. And without having even downloaded it yet (it’s installing on my phone, literally, as I write this), just from the screenshots, I can already see that it’s better than the old one.

    Nice tip! Thanks!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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