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Stop Shortcuts Being Added To Your Home Screen When You Install An App

On Android, the app drawer is where all apps go and the home screen is reserved for your frequently used apps. There’s no limit to how many pages you can have on your home screen or even how many app shortcuts you can add to it. If you wanted you could have every single app appear on your home screen. Likewise, if you wanted you could have only your favorite apps on the home screen and keep the number of pages limited and your device well organized. Whenever you install a new app, Google Play store automatically adds a shortcut for the app to your home screen. You can remove it later if you don’t want it there but if you rarely add new apps to your home screen, it’s probably more convenient to not have them all added automatically after an install. Here’s how you can disable shortcuts being added automatically.

Open the Google Play store app and tap the more button at the top right to bring up the navigation drawer. Go to Settings and under General you will find the ‘Add icon to Home Screen’ option. It’s enabled by default so just uncheck it and you’re done.

play_store_settings play_store_app

This setting is going to matter if you often download and try out new apps. The clutter that it can create is pretty bad if you don’t rein it in. It does serve one purpose though and that’s to make it super easy to find an app you just downloaded. It’s a hand-off between organization and convenience so pick which is more important to you.

via Android Central 


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