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Stream & Download Podcasts On Android & iPhone With VoAudio

You can find plenty of podcast streaming apps across the Android & iOS app stores, but you’d be hard pressed to find an alternative that combines sleek looks with ample functionality. This is what VoAudio is all about. New to both the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play Store, VoAudio is a free Android and iOS app that lets you subscribe to, search for, stream, download and listen to your favorite podcasts right on your mobile device. Supporting dozens of general and exclusively featured podcast categories, VoAudio enables users to select and listen to only the content of choice, and in doing so, provides them with considerable control over the streaming and downloading tasks. Most of the content featured on the VoAudio network is available in high quality, and can be subscribed to or accessed for free. Each podcast is supplemented with adequate information regarding the underlying episodes and can be streamed at a playback speed of choice. Convenient playlist management, fast-forwarding, advanced download queuing are among other salient features of VoAudio.


First things first, and you must log in to the app using a VoAudio account to access all the featured content. Both the Android and the iOS variant share more or less the same layout and set of features. As the app will tell you itself, each podcast that you subscribe to is automatically downloaded to your device to help you play it offline. What’s better is that you can download an individual episode of the selected podcast without having to subscribe to it. To help you with finding and subscribing to your favorite podcasts, the app presents all content under a couple of tabs: General Categories and Special Categories, each brimming with a huge variety of content. There is no restriction on the number of podcasts that can be subscribed to.


Your favorite podcasts are listed under the My Podcast tab, and can be sorted in multiple ways. It is also worth mentioning that the app supports batch selection of podcasts and lets you share all selected content across multiple social services as a unified URL (referring to the custom playlist). The Download tab caters to the download tasks. As mentioned earlier, you have control over the downloading mechanism. In this regard, you can control downloading a specific podcast and set its order on the queue. Tapping the Options button on the Downloads tab, you may set the total number of podcasts that you want the app to store locally.


While your favorite podcasts download, why not listen to what’s currently being streamed on VoAudio? For this, hit the Now Playing button. On the screen that follows, you are presented with the option to fast forward, skip and share the podcast, or listen to it at a playback speed of choice. Content downloaded via the app can be found within the voaudio folder on your device.

VoAudio is compatible with iOS v4.3 and Android v2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

Download VoAudio for Android

Download VoAudio for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


  1. Thank you so much for the nice review! We are working hard to improve this first release as fast as we can, so stayed tuned – VoAudio should be getting much, much better over the coming months.

    Andrew Finn
    Co-Founder, VoAudio

    • Hi Andrew: Congratulations on the release. How would you say this competes with Doggcatcher or BeyondPod (both of which I own)? Thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your note. Right now, VoAudio is almost an Alpha product in terms of where we want to take it, so I’m hesitant to directly compare it to established apps like Doggcatcher and BeyondPod. I can say though that VoAudio is free, which DC and BP are not, and the driving focus of our app will be around simplicity and elegance of user experience, and making the podcast discovery process much easier and more social. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for your interest in VoAudio!


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