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Stream Music From Dropbox, Google Drive, And Box With CloudAmpz

If you listen to music on your Android device, chances are you’re perfectly happy with the stock music app that ships with it, which lets you browse and play songs stored locally on your phone. You can also create personalized playlists, or simply shuffle your whole collection to casually enjoy whatever plays next. So what more could you possibly want? While there are no shortage of music players waiting for you in the Google Play store, only a handful of them might offer you a way to play music stored on your cloud storage. CloudAmpz is a new such app that not only playback music stored on the internal storage of your device, but also let you stream tracks from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.net.

CloudAmpz design is minimal and easy to use – exactly as it’s being sold. The app is available in two versions at the Play Store: Free and Paid, where the later offers ad-free music listening experience in return for a few bucks. When you launch the app, the first thing you got to do is add your music collection by enabling the appropriate cloud accounts, as well local device storage if that also applies. After adding the account, you also need to specify which songs you want to add. The app carries an integrated file browser which lets you freely move between folders in both local and cloud storage. By tapping on a song, CloudAmpz adds it to the playlist queue, ready for playback. Though, you can also mark multiple items and add them in one go.

CloudAmpz_Accounts CloudAmpz Browse

When you’re playing track is added to the playlist, you can control playback via the seekbar, play or pause the song, or switch between previous and next track(s). All the playback controls appear at the bottom of the screen for easy access. The song that’s currently being played is highlighted in cyan color in the list. Another way to skip song is directly tapping it within the playlist queue.

Another pretty handy feature of CloudAmp is the built in equalizer that lets you make up for any lost quality in songs via software equalization. And while it’s not so feature-rich and does it carry any presets, you can toggle it on and off, as well as adjust base boost to your liking.

CloudAmpz_Main CloudAmpz_Equilizer

All in all, CloudAmpz is a unique and simple music player that makes it easier to stream songs stored on Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Install CloudAmpz from Play Store (Free)

Install CloudAmpz from Play Store (Paid)

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