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Street Racing 2 Is A Simple No Nonsense Racing Game [Review]

Ah, that new car smell! The spectacular roar of V8 engine and those black rubber stains, who doesn’t love ‘em? For driving fans, Google Play has got a ton of amazing titles ranging from the likes of Burnout-esque Asphalt series to the ultimate Need for Speed franchise, the choices are plenty. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes feature-laden racing simulators. If you want a quick arcade session on your way to work or on the road, then Street Racing 2 has got the answer. The game’s fast paced gameplay and intuitive controls let you quickly drift through 8 increasingly difficult tracks, wreck cars and win your way to the finish line.

Street Racing 2_Main


The game’s design comprises 8 racing tracks, but there aren’t many options when it comes to car selection. The navigation and menus are petty barebones, while the game’s HUD consists of on screen controls to steer the car, apply brake and acceleration.The game also has a NOS button tapping on which increases the car speed beyond its actual speed for a limited time. The 3D graphics of the game also look visually impressive with detailed backdrops and skyscrapers seen all across the first track of the game.

Street Racing 2_Design


When the game starts, you can choose your car model and color from the home screen. Simply tap on the selector buttons to the right and you can shuffle between available options. The game doesn’t carry any additional settings, let alone any game modes. The singleplayer mode is pretty basic and if you’re looking for something more customizable you will have to look elsewhere. Tapping ‘Start Race!’ begins the race preceding fast load time.

Street Racing 2_Main menu

The AI in Street Racing 2 is lively, responsive, and at times quite aggressive, actively scraping your car’s paint. Your car also takes damage from crashes and when hitting other cars, which can have detrimental effect on the car’s performance, rendering your vehicle useless in extreme cases. You can also tap the ‘R’ button to reset the car location to the track, which can prove useful in case you deviate from your main direction. To the upper left is your radar which gives you heads up regarding upcoming turns.

Street Racing 2_Gameplay1

Your main goal, of course, is to reach the finish line before your opponents do. Once a race is finished, depending on which position you got, the stats screen instantly pops up displaying your total race and best lap times.

Street Racing 2_End

Car games are constantly evolving, and although Street Racing 2 is not the most customizable game of its kind, it’s pretty fun to play. With a price tag of free at the Google Play. it surely is worth giving a shot.

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