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Suggest Movie Searches For Movie By Year, Genre, & Rating [Android]

We have talked about a lot of movie discovery services; Netflix Roulette and Moveinr are just two of them. What both these services have in common are that they web services meant to be used from a desktop browser, ideally. I don’t doubt you could probably use Netflix Roulette on a mobile browser too but it leaves you wanting a simple app that does what these services do. Meet Suggest Movie, an a-supported free Android app that has basic year range, genre, and rating filters for finding a movie to watch.

The app is no more than two screens; on the first screen you set the filters. The year of release is set as range of years, followed by the genre you’re interested in watching, and the movie’s ratings. Once you’ve set these three filters, tap Suggest Movie and get a suggestion. The suggested movie is accompanied by additional information like the year of release, the total run time, Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDb rating, the plot summary, and if you scroll down you can also view the trailer.

At the top of this screen are three buttons; Rotten which opens the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes page in your default browser, Goog which sends a Google search query to your browser, and IMDB which opens the movie’s IMDb page.

Suggest Movie Suggest Movie suggestion

Besides this basic functionality, you can also use keywords to search for a movie. You can use words like alien or ghosts to narrow the movie type down further. It goes without saying that if you use too specific a keyword, or if you use unconventional ones like ‘Sparkling Vampires’ you won’t get the best of results. And yes, we tried. The app found nothing because Twilight is only referred to as a movie about sparkling vampires but not marketed or described as such.

Since Suggest Movie is an Android app, I was hoping for a feature that also let you find movies playing in a theatre near you. Additionally, the option to save a search and/or bookmark a suggested movie so you can reference it later offline would make the app more useful.

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