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SwiP Is A Free Profile Switching Automation App For Android

Task automation has become quite popular among mobile users thanks to apps like Tasker. Tasker allows you to configure different scenarios based on current location, time, event and so on, and automatically trigger different actions based on those scenarios. For instance, if you want your phone to automatically switch to silent mode when connected for charging, or need to turn off WiFi when you’re on the road, you can easily achieve that using Tasker. The only caveat with Tasker is that it’s a paid app, and even though it’s worth every penny, most users rather not shell out the cash. If you’re looking for a free, or better yet, open-source alternative, give SwiP a go. Developed by XDA-Developers member Flow-Chi, this new app automates switching between different device profiles. It is nowhere near as flexible or feature-rich as Tasker, but what it offers should be enough for the casual user. Plus, its simplicity makes it much easier to understand. Details after the jump.

SwiP’s home screen carries two tabs at the top labeled ‘Profiles’ and ‘Triggers’. From under the former, you can edit existing profiles or create new ones. These profiles are presets for system settings and services. For each profile, you can specify a different ringer mode (normal, silent etc.), volume, GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth setting, brightness level and more. Once you’re done, tap the tick mark near the top-right corner to save your changes.

SwiP_Main SwiP_Edit Profile SwiP_Profile_Brightness

The second tab, Triggers, is what actually allows you to specify the rules for which a certain profile should be enabled. Just like You can create and configure as many triggers as you need in a manner similar to the profiles. Within a trigger’s configuration, you can specify various parameters, such as location coordinates, time, duration, headphone state (connected/disconnected) etc.

For each trigger, you also need to specify the profile that gets activated when the conditions within it are met. If you plan to use multiple triggers, don’t forget to set a priority for each.

SwiP_Trigger SwiP_Trigger_Map SwiP_Edit Trigger

The app is still in beta, but seems to work without a hitch. Download it to your device from the Play Store link provided below and let us know how it worked for you.

Install SwiP from Play Store

[via XDA-Developers]

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