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Trigger Based Profile Switcher For Sound, Display, WiFi, & More [Android]

Sound and WiFi profiles need to be changed depending on where we are. Both are changed so frequently that complex automating apps like Tasker aren’t used and instead, apps dedicated to managing sound and WiFi profiles are sought, duly found, and used. SwiP – ProfileSwitcher  is an Android that doesn’t just manage sound and WiFi profiles but gives you a whole set of other options for the state of Bluetooth switch, brightness, Display time out duration, and more. Each profile comes with triggers which can be location based, time based, battery charge or state based, or triggered by a headphone jack being plugged in.

SwiP – ProfileSwitcher  does not require a rooted device however, if your device is indeed rooted, you can access more options. We tested SwiP – ProfileSwitcher  on a rooted Nexus 5 so unless your phone/tablet is rooted, you might not see all options shown in the screenshots.

The app comes with three profiles added and configured by default. These are Default, Home, and Meeting with Meeting being the least annoying/embarrassing one should you find yourself in an important business gathering surrounded by your peers. You can add more profiles to suit other situations by tapping the plus button at the top with the Profiles tab selected and assign values for different sound alerts, connectivity modes and radio switches, and the display.

SwiP - ProfileSwitcher SwiP - ProfileSwitcher eidt

Swipe to the Triggers tab which is empty. Add one and assign it to any of the existing profiles. To assign a trigger to a profile, the profile must be created first. Set trigger parameters for priority, location, time, battery status, and headphone state. When all conditions of a trigger are satisfied, it will activate the associated profile.

To enable root permission for SwiP – ProfileSwitcher, go to the app’s settings and enable Root access. You can change the theme and language here but Permanent Notification is the really neat feature that you should pay attention to. It lets you add an omnipresent icon in the notification area, tapping which brings up a list of all added profiles as an HUD on your screen so you can quickly switch to a different one.

SwiP - ProfileSwitcher trigger SwiP - ProfileSwitcher  root

There is no denying that far more powerful and customizable apps exist but SwiP – ProfileSwitcher is a simple solution for anyone who doesn’t have time to read a manual or the patience to set up a profile by following a complex check-list, or for anyone who might not have a rooted device. SwiP – ProfileSwitcher has a neat design and is ad-free.

Install SwiP – ProfileSwitcher  From The Google Play Store

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