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Switch to Windows Phone Finds WP8 Alternatives For Your Android Apps

Windows Phone has slowly started to establish its position as the ‘other’ smartphone platform, for people who have had enough of Android and iOS and want something different. You have to admit that Microsoft’s mobile OS is pretty unique and comes with a neat interface. Furthermore, it got a slew of new features with the release of WP8. A fair amount of users are willing to make WP8 devices their first smartphones but in order for the platform to grow rapidly, there’s still a great need for more users to switch from competing platforms like iOS and Android. The biggest hurdle faced by Microsoft in getting these smartphone users to give WP8 a chance is the perception that WP Store lacks quality apps. This was true till a few months back, but Microsoft has lately been actively trying to dispel the notion. There are some pretty decent apps available for WP8 now, and you are likely to find an alternative for most iOS/Android apps if you are not too picky. To prove the point, Switch to Windows Phone has been released in the Google Play Store and WP Store. The app suggests Windows Phone alternatives to Android apps for people who are thinking about switching platforms.

Switch to Windows Phone Android Welcome Switch to Windows Phone Android Check Switch to Windows Phone Android Apps

Some might compare Switch to Windows Phone to the previously covered Welcome Home desktop app, but the two tools have inherently different purposes. The newly released app isn’t about letting you migrating your data from Android to your new WP8 device. Switch to Windows Phone just tries to make sure that you get to discover the full potential of the WP Store.

To get started, grab the Android version of the app, and use your Microsoft ID to log in. For extra convenience, make sure that you use the ID that you later intend to associate with your WP8. Once you are signed in, Switch to Windows Phone starts scanning the list of all the apps installed on your Android device. The matching process doesn’t take too long, and you are soon presented with a list of all the apps for which alternatives have been found in the WP Store. To keep the generated list in cloud, hit the ‘Save my list’ button at the bottom of the screen. Now, your work on Android is done, and everything is in place to let you switch to your new Windows Phone in a smooth manner.

Switch to Windows Phone WP Welcome Switch to Windows Phone WP Signin Switch to Windows Phone WP List

On WP8, log in using your Microsoft ID and hit the ‘Next’ button. Make sure the app gets all the permissions it requests, and then let it fetch the list generated on Android. The list is sorted in alphabetical order, and displays the name and price of each app. You can head to any app’s WP Store page simply by hitting its entry on the ‘all’ page. The apps recommended by Switch to Windows Phone might not be exactly the same as your Android apps, but many can be pretty close to them in terms of features and functionality.

Switch to Windows Phone has a few crashing issues on WP8, but re-installing the app solved this for us. It’s a nice effort by Microsoft, but judging by the app’s reviews on the Play Store, Android users aren’t exactly head-over-heels for it. In any case, you can give Switch to Windows Phone a shot on your Android device even if you don’t have a WP8 device yet, since it might give you a pretty good idea regarding Windows Phone’s current app environment.

Download Switch to Windows Phone For Android

Download Switch to Windows Phone For Windows Phone


  1. You want to PRAISE microsoft for taking open-source code, doing some minor edits, slapping it in another shitty $600 phone and calling it their new proprietary system?? Hahaha… The title of this article says it all – windows can only MIMIC good software!! Microsoft finally caught on – ANDROID IS OPEN SOURCE – THEY CAN JUST COPY + PASTE ALL THE PROGRAMMING CODES! (While still keeping them off-limits to everyone else, even between their own departments…. look up how the Microsoft company policy operates… They’re so firkin afraid that their “precious” coding will become public domain that they WILL NOT let two departments share coding or much info, even if their projects are related. Once the independent projects are completed, a third part has to combine the code… And since neither department knew what the other one has been doing, you can imagine the in efficiency of trying to compile that code). In fact – MICROSOFT DOESNT EVEN USE WINDOWS ON THEIR OWN COMPANY COMPUTERS!!! THEY USE LINUX!! – Like an intelligent computer user. That’s how bad they KNOW their software is. Anyone, especially a techblog, who suggests you switch over to anything windows/DOS based does not know how computers and cell phones work, or they’re just really mean-spirited and want to hurt you. Especially because Gates hasn’t done virtually any improvements to the QDOS kernel in the 30+ years since he BOUGHT it from IBM… He couldn’t program his way out of a paper bag…

  2. you guys really need some quality control for post… this app got extreme low rating due to doing nothing useful…

    • The poor ratings have been mentioned in the post, but still, the app might prove to be useful if someone is actually shifting to WP8 from Android. It at least deserves coverage, if not praise.

    • I own both Lumia and Xperia, it deserve a boo for wasting my time, no praise.

    • Shheesh, how rude. It’s not like this is the only blog in the world. If you don’t like it, don’t read, don’t comment.

    • I’m a long time reader of this blog – a few year already. And why I keep reading but not because quality of the post?

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