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Sygic Releases Location Tracking Android & iOS App For Family Members

Update: The app has been renamed to Family GPS Tracker.

Sygic, one of the most trusted names in the world of GPS navigation software, has launched a brand new Android and iOS app called Family By Sygic, with the aim to help parents keep a close tab on their kids’ security, whereabouts and activities. Available for free in both Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, Family is equipped with several protection, messaging, alerting and real-time location tracking tools that can keep you informed about your loved ones’ well-being and safety. The best part about the app is that it requires minimal setup, and allows you to manage multiple child accounts from under a single administrative ID. Once configured, the app can be used to instantly track current locations of your family members, see their real-time locations via augmented reality views, send instant & private messages to all or a select few family members, request navigation routes for required member’s location, specify safe and unsafe zones on map via geo-fencing, send SOS to your family regarding your location, notify them about your check-ins to a specific place, and receive instant notifications regarding a number of activities relevant to all your family members’ movements.

As with most of its features, the app is an outright winner particularly in terms of the GUI, as can be seen in the screenshots below. Needless to say, only registered Family members have access to the app’s features. Registration is free, and you can sign up for a new account right from within the app. If you’re just beginning to use Family By Sygic, you can create your own family account, complete with the option to specify the parent and various child accounts. Using your mail account, you may sign up for a new Family ID, and then start sending invites to all your family members.


As an administrator, you are in control of the notification alerts for the child accounts’ locations, and have the option to specify various safe and unsafe zones on the map accordingly. The administrator may also activate the invisible tracking mode to keep the family members from knowing that their locations are being tracked. Otherwise, you’re required to first request for permission from the concerned member in this regard. The app also lets you assign administrative controls to other family members (such as a spouse or a grown-up son/daughter), who can then enjoy the same privileges as you.


Upon launching the app, you are presented with the real-time locations of all your family members. With just a tap, you can take a peek at the location of a specific member, or enable the augmented reality view to instantly track locations of all the family members around you.


Other key features of the app can be found in the sidebar that allows you to send an SOS message with your current location information, share check-ins to your favorite locations with your family members, create & send quick online messages (from templates), start instant messaging with your family members, and specify custom safe and unsafe zones on the map (for administrators only).


Tapping a member’s avatar on the map lets you call them, track their location in real-time, specify a custom geo-fence to receive alerts for when they enter or leave that particular area, and request navigation routes to their respective locations.


In short, Family by Sygic aims to become your one-stop solution for monitoring real-time locations of your close ones, staying constantly in touch with them, and receiving notifications about their movements in and out of un/safe areas. Do note that to be able to track their locations, GPS needs to be enabled on their devices throughout the time you want to monitor them. Furthermore, the notification system also requires an active mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection on the device. Both of these services will result in increased battery drain, so to ensure that you can constantly monitor their locations, make sure the mobile devices of your family members are adequately charged and GPS as well as internet access are enabled before they leave.

Download Family By Sygic For Android

Download Family By Sygic For iOS

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