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LenX: Take Long Exposure Shots & Adjust Exposure Level [Android]

Ever seen those amazing shots of the night sky taken with a long exposure camera? Or maybe you’d just like to take a cool looking picture of your friends playing with glow stick but without a DSLR or any other fancy camera equipment. LenX is a nice new Android app available for free in the Google Play Store that lets you take long exposure shots. It’s very basic with an adjustment slider for exposure levels and a simple zoom feature. The photos turn out fairly well and all it takes is two taps to capture one long exposure photo.

You get a very simple tutorial when you first launch the app; it’s basically just an on-screen labelling of what each control is and how to use it. Tap your screen to dismiss it and you can start shooting.


As far as camera selection goes, the app works with both the front and back camera so you can shoot pictures of your friends or a nice landscape, or just pictures of yourself. The slider at the bottom left allows you to zoom in and the slider on the bottom right allows you to adjust the exposure levels. Slide the knob down to decrease it and slide it up to increase exposure. Tap the aperture button to take a photo. Tapping it the first time starts the process of capturing the long exposure shot so when you’ve ‘recorded’ for the interval you wanted to, tap the button again  to finish and the app will show you the photo it’s captured .When in capturing mode, the aperture button turns blue. In ready to capture mode, it is red. The app does not require any time to process the photo.


The is basic, as we said but it’s also new so it’s safe to hope the developer(s) will add more features. What would really be good is some sort of numerical value for adjusting the exposure levels. It’s alright to experiment but to really get a good picture or learn what different levels of exposure do when capturing images, numerical levels of exposure would be more than helpful.

Right now, you have to manually stop the app from recording the long exposure shot but a timer feature for both starting capturing and ending it would be welcomed. For beginners trying to experiment with long exposure shots on the cheap, a timer feature will help them learn how time impacts a long exposure shot.

 Get LenX from the Google Play Store

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