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Tapatalk 4 For Android Brings New Holo UI, Photo Editor & More

Tapatalk, is synonymous with forum browsing apps for Android and iOS. Having been around for some time now, the app has been quite popular with forum browsing junkies and during all that time, it has been evolving for the better. Enter Tapatalk 4 – Community Reader – a public beta app by the developers of Tapatalk that is set to redefine forum browsing apps and hopefully integrate into Tapatalk – Community Reader and Tapatalk HD on the Play Store. Where the later two apps are paid-only, Tapatalk 4 can be installed from the Play Store for free on devices running Android 4.0 or later. With an all new redesigned UI based on the much-demanded Holo theme along with Google Now-style cards, the apps looks poised to impress. Let’s take a closer look at what the app has to offer and how well it fares.

Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 02 Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 03

The Holo theme will be obvious from the start with it’s blue accents. You can browse through a multitude of categories for your favorite forums, or use the manual search option to find what you’re looking for.

Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 04 Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 09

Forums can be easily browsed through from the app’s Navigation sidebar – a feature we’re increasingly seeing in many Android apps these days. It manages to keep the interface neat and sleek, while still ensuring that all relevant options for the forum are easily accessible. You can see how the thread layout takes its cue from Google Now. Bothered by the dark look and wanna brighten things up? You have the option of switching between a light and dark theme.

Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 10 Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 11 Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 12

The rest of the navigation and interactive forum features include pretty much all that you’ll need from a forum app, including quick replies, attachments, sharing, and setting a forum as favorite for quick access, in addition to other not-so-obvious features such as widget support, push notifications, and a comprehensive integrated photo editor that launches itself when attaching a picture.

The app feels like a native Android app with it’s Holo elements and intuitive UI. Signing in with your Tapatalk ID also allows for easy forum management on the go, which syncs across multiple devices as well.

Download Tapatalk 4 – Community Reader

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