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Taskei For Android Lets You Automate Popular Muzei Live Wallpaper With Tasker

Since its release last month, Muzei Live Wallpaper has gained a lot of acclaim from its users for bringing gorgeous wallpapers from different sources to their home screens. Another app that a lot of Android power users love is Tasker, known for its ability to let users automate countless tasks on Android. While Muzei can automatically rotate your wallpaper, how about the ability to do it based on context, action or any condition supported by Tasker? Taskei acts as a bridge between these two apps to let you do just that. Let’s take a look at how that works.

Needless to say, Taskei needs both Muzei and Tasker to be installed in order to work. After installation, simply go to Muzei’s settings and you’ll see Taskei as an available source. Select it and tap the gear icon below it to land on Taskei’s barebones interface that simply lets you quickly jump to Tasker in order to set it up. You can also just open Tasker directly for the purpose.

Taskei for Muzei & Tasker on Android 1 Taskei for Muzei & Tasker on Android 2

The next step is automating Muzei with Tasker, for which you’ll have to configure one of Muzei’s available actions (found under the ‘Plugin’ section when you add an action). You can add an action to an existing task, or create a new task for the purpose. The available actions include Muzei Source, Next Artwork and Random Source, all three of which should be self-explanatory. Muzie Source further lets you choose the source to use for the action, listing all sources currently available in Muzie.

Taskei for Muzei & Tasker on Android 3 Taskei for Muzei & Tasker on Android 4 Taskei for Muzei & Tasker on Android 5

After adding the actions, you can assign their task to any profile in Tasker and the wallpaper will change accordingly. For instance, you can assign a task containing the ‘Next Artwork’ action to a shake profile in order to have Tasker change to the next wallpaper whenever you shake your phone. And this is just one examples; based on the immense scope of Tasker, the possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re a fan of Muzei and Tasker, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Taskie a go, especially considering its price tag of free!

Install Taskei from Play Store

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