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Tasker App Factory For Android Lets You Create Standalone Apps From Automated Tasks/Actions

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched On{X}, a brand new medium for Android users to define and trigger automated actions via their desktop browsers. However, when talking of a highly customizable task automation tools that can be operated right from the device itself, hardly a name surpasses Tasker. Using this highly popular and productive app, you can create both simple or complicated rule-based tasks/actions that you want to be automatically performed on your device, and in doing so, you may bring into play whatever apps, sensors, controls and features of your Android that are required to constitute the task. That said, the app is not the easiest to use, and a new user might feel lost getting a grip over the plethora of options that it has on offer. While you may be quite good at defining rules-based tasks at your own convenience, your recently-shifted-from-iOS friends could so easily feel intimidated by the usage of the app. Fret not, as Crafty Apps – the team behind Tasker – have released Tasker App Factory, a Tasker extension that lets you export your tasks as standalone apps, so that you may save and share predefined tasks/actions with your buddies as individual APK files.

The app has been designed to work only with the latest Tasker Beta (link provided at the end). The best thing about the apps created via Tasker App Factory, is that they are executable as any normal app that you side-load to your Android device. In short, you do not necessarily need to have Tasker installed on your device for these exported APKs to work.


To assist our readers with learning how to export tasks as APKs via Tasker App Factory, we are going to describe a brief procedure, which is as follows:

  • Launch the Tasker app, and head over to the Tasks tab
  • Hit the + button to create and define a new task. Make sure to specify an icon/image to the newly-created task
  • Hold down on the new or an already existing task. From the context menu, hit Export > As App, and wait for the procedure to complete
  • Upon completion, the app provides you the option to launch the newly created APK so that you may trigger the underlying action
  • Each APK created in this way gets stored in the Tasker > factory > kids folder on your SD card, and can be exported/shared further via compatible apps. It is worth mentioning here that any piece of content – images, URLs et al – embedded within the task, also gets exported along with the APK file. Hence, the amount of time required in creating the app package may vary depending upon the content included.


While new users are only allowed to create an APK of whatever tasks/actions they prefer, using the Advanced option, you can tweak various settings of the app package, including the version number, required device features, required authorizations/permissions and other such additional settings.

A good thing about Crafty Apps with Tasker App Factory is that they have placed no restrictions whatsoever on the usage of the APKs created with Tasker. For instance, you may distribute the app, share it with your friends or sell it on Google Play Store. So if your dad back in LA can’t figure out how to automatically disable cellular network on his Android once he steps home, you may be able to lend help by sharing the Tasker-created APK.

Tasker App Factory is available in the Google Play Store for free, and requires Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run. As mentioned earlier, the new feature is only meant to work with the latest Tasker beta app, which can be downloaded from here.

Download Tasker App Factory for Android

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