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TeeVee Is A Virtual TV Guide For Android With Detailed Per-Season Info

Can’t recall how Michael Scofield managed to escape the Fox River State Penitentiary in Prison Break? Want to find out when you’ll be able to see The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and his friends in action next? Want to sync airing times of your favorite TV shows with your Google Calendar? If your answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’, you should give TeeVee a try. Developed by XDA member Masterwork and his mate, TeeVee is a Holo-themed Android TV guide that aims to keep you in touch with your favorite shows in a variety of ways. Be it the synopsis of the show itself, the complete episode-by-episode details of its various seasons, or its TV schedule, this multilingual app lets you follow and sift through all this information through a well-laid out interface. 

TeeVee-Android-Calendar TeeVee-Android-My-Shows

TeeVee features thousands of top TV shows from across the globe, and supports integration with Google Calendar to keep you apprised of airing times of your favorite shows as per your locality. WYou may search for the required programme or simply pick one from dozens of shows trending among worldwide TV aficionados. The app also sports a themeable home screen widget that lists an upcoming favorite show of yours along with its brief info.

In addition to the above features, TeeVee supports automatically updating details and shedules of your bookmarked content in the background. Also, it can be set to maintain and display history of your followed shows dating back as long as 12 months. Furthermore, the app is capable of displaying your personalized content in offline mode as per the last update it received from its servers. At the back end, the app uses the API of the TVRage web service to fetch all its content,

TeeVee-Android-Search TeeVee-Android-Subscribe

When launched for the first time, the app presents you with a couple of blank tabs in Calendar and My Shows. You may start adding content of choice to these tabs through the app’s built-in search tool or from the Trending tab. The app displays the starting/ending date, current status, runtime (per episode), host network, airtime, air day and synopsis of each featured show in general, and a complete episode-by-episode breakdown of each of its seasons in particular. You can also share these details with your buddies right from the content’s screen.

TeeVee-Android-Trending TeeVee-Android-Episode

To bookmark something, just tap the + button beside it. Once you’ve bookmarked your favorite programmes, you can keep a tab on their airing times from the Calendar tab. The next upcoming item is also displayed on the app’s home screen widget. From the app’s settings screen, you may enable content syncing with your Google Calendar, and even activate alarms for upcoming shows using this feature.

TeeVee-Android-Settings TeeVee-Android-Widget

In short, TeeVee is one of the simplest, most informative and easy-to-use TV guides that we have ever come across. It comes as a free ad-supported app and you can get rid of them using an in-app purchase. The developer is offering three different packages in this regard, each capable of helping you with removal of ads, and offer you certain goodies of its own.

If you feel that the best way to enjoy a show is by sharing your thoughts about it with worldwide fans, you might also be interested in the previously-reviewed Live 140 by OneLouder Apps.

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  • If this app let you mark episodes as watched and maybe allowed you to check in on GetGlue (or at least linked to the show on GetGlue) it would be the end-all be-all TV app.