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The Best Android Games Of 2019

Android has enjoyed status as a gaming friendly platform, even though it has been lagging behind iOS for many years, its support for additional controllers and exclusive PC ports to Nvidia Shield tablets has put it ahead of the running. That said, every year a new crop of fantastic games comes out for Android and we have rounded up the best ones you can play in the year 2017. Some of these games might not have released in 2017, but we are ranking them by how popular they are on the Play Store and how well they are circulating even in 2017. This is list of the best Android games of 2017 features both free and paid games. Some games feature a few free levels and you have to pay to play more.

1. Crashlands

Crashlands is a breath of fresh in an otherwise repetitive stream of endless runners and Bejeweled knock-offs like Candy Crush and its various Sagas. The game has a coherent storyline akin to the NES classics of the days of old. The premise is that you are an explorer and an evil villain attempted to destroy your base. You first have to escape your ship with the help of your bumbling companion and then exact revenge for what happened. There is humor sprinkled across the storyline too, so it does not get boring anytime soon.

The graphics are crisp, the characters are fun and the game is enjoyable.

Download Crashlands From The Google Play Store

2. Non-Stop Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is an attempt to cash in on the viral nature of the celebrity’s name. The launch screen gives you a new Chuck Norris joke. The gameplay is pretty straight forward. You have to mow down hordes of bad guys as you move around endlessly picking up upgrades along the way. The game’s fun lies in its simplicity, if you were a gamer back in the first generation PlayStation era, the design and layout will remind you of “Jackie Chan Stuntmaster”.

Download Non-Stop Chuck Norris From The Google Play Store

3. C.A.T.S

Cats was created by the team that brought you the incredibly popular “Cut the Rope” single player game and the slightly less popular but just as fun multiplayer game “King of Thieves”. If you had been playing King of Thieves in the past week, you probably received a notification that you can acquire a new skin, a cat skin if you download the game C.A.T.S.

C.A.T.S is a multiplayer robot war game where you pit your robot against other players’ robots online. You start off with a wooden box with a handful of accessories which you can upgrade with currency you can earn by winning battles. You just have to assemble your device and let it loose against your opponent and then you get to watch the battle unfold to see whose robot is superior.

The game is quite fun to play and does not immediately get stale, as you have to constantly upgrade your device to become the ultimate killing machine.

In case you’re wondering why it’s called C.A.T.S. That’s because it stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars, but more accurately because your robots are being operated on by cute looking cats who are ejected from destroyed robots and slowly land while surveying the wreckage of the battle.

Download C.A.T.S From The Google Play Store

4. Super Mario Run

After the roaring success of Pokemon Go, it was only a matter of time that Nintendo tried to bring some of its other major properties to smartphones. In honor of that, Nintendo brings you Super Mario Run. The game is what it promises to be, an endless runner, but there is a basic storyline in there too. Princess Peach is throwing a tea party to which Mario is invited, but Bowser helps himself to the princess and it is your duty to rescue her, as always.

The game is a sidescroller. It does not present the same challenges as its SNES predecessor, but it is fun none the less. Mario jumps over small obstacles and creatures automatically. Your objective is to collect coins each round and not fall into any large gaps. If you do fall, you are placed a few feet before you fell. The game is exactly as entertaining as endless runners usually area, so if you are a fan of the genre, you will very much enjoy this game.

Download Super Mario Run From The Google Play Store

5. Dead Trigger 2

First Person Shooters on the Android have always been a tricky deal because it takes time to get accustomed to using half the screen for movement and the other half of the screen to control the camera. Certainly, over time, one does become more adept at it, but it is rarely as accurate as a PC mouse. However, Dead Trigger 2 definitely comes close to achieving that goal. Now, this game is essentially a 2013 release, but the graphics, gameplay and storyline are something that hold up even to this day. It keeps getting overhauls and refuses to go out of fashion. From the looks of it, it does not look dated and downloads custom graphics for the latest phones.

The storyline is solid, the pacing is decent and once you get hang of the controls (you can use a bluetooth controller as well) you are going to be both entertained and challenged.

Download Dead Trigger 2 From The Google Play Store

6. Batman Telltale

PC and Console gamers have had the distinct pleasure of playing as Batman through the Arkham series of games. Now, the people behind fantastic story driven and engaging titles like Walking Dead 1 and 2, Wolf Among Us, and Game of Thrones bring us a story about Batman. This gives mobile gamers an opportunity to not only play as Batman, but also to solve a mystery plaguing the Wayne name. The story is exclusive to this release and not tied to any other game, movie, TV show or comic. So this is the only medium through which one can experience this story.

Though this game technically came out in late 2016, it still qualifies as the best game of 2017. This is due to the fact that users can now play the first episode for free.

The game is not exactly perfect as it was developed for multiple platform as one so there are some conversion issues. The game was tested on a Galaxy S7 Edge but it ran at a very low frames per second. This was because the S7 Edge was set at WQHD resolution (1440 x 2560). Which, to be fair, was asking too much of a mobile GPU. A desktop class Nvidia 1050 would probably be hard pressed to perform well at WQHD resolutions. Reducing resolution to 1080p is a viable solution that drives performance exactly as the developers intended.

Definitely worth trying and quite highly recommended. It ranks up there with the best Telltale and Batman games out there.

Download Batman Telltale From The Google Play Store

7. Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy Telltale

Like Batman, and all the Telltale games before it, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a story driven game. You play as Starlord who is tasked with defending Nova Corps from The Mad Titan Thanos. The story is not a continuation of the movie and is a standalone storyline. The characters have a closer resemblance to their comic counter-parts. The graphics as crisp and clear, the story is engaging, as always, and the gameplay is familiar.

The challenge here is to unravel a story with a set of choices that will determine your ultimate outcome.

Download Guardians Of The Galaxy From The Google Play Store

8. Dead Land – Fate of Survivor

This is a zombie attack/runner game, only available via early access for the time being. The challenge is a little different from traditional endless runners or zombie attack games. You are a scientist given a set amount of time to reach the finish and save all of humanity. Zombies can be killed by hitting, while walls must be avoided. It presents quite a challenge to try and navigate the circuit without letting zombies get in the way.

It is a fun game with a set goal that breathes new life into a heavily saturated domain. However, Dead Land tends to keep it fresh with some interesting animations and a sense of urgency.

Download Deadland Fate Of Survivor From The Google Play Store

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