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Timely Is The Most Beautiful Android Alarm Clock App We’ve Seen So Far

Generally, nobody likes to be shocked out of their sleep by that violent morning alarm sound. Though for many of us, alarms have become the sole solution to help us get out of bed. Nowadays, almost all mobile devices come with a built-in alarm clock that works just just fine. However, for those who are looking a little more in their alarm app, Timely for Android is a gorgeous alternative worth giving a shot. Besides waking you up, the app is all about its crisp design and functionality, and a fantastic interface that also boasts beautiful clock widgets, stopwatch and timer. It carries a ton of themes with vibrant colors and designs that look simply gorgeous, and can make your device really stand out.

The most notable thing about Timely is how stunning it looks on your screen. The neat and elegant design has been crafted with perfection in mind. The handful of beautifully animated background themes are sure to appeal to everyone with an aesthetic sense. Developer Bitspin has optimized it fairly well for both phones and tablets. The main interface is divided into three sections: Alarm, Clock and Stopwatch / Timer, each of which can be navigated to via horizontal swipes.

Timely Clock1_

The alarm clock is the obvious mainstay of this app. You can set your alarm time by dragging your finger up and down the display to the appropriate time slot. When setting an alarm, you can also tap the time and edit it manually for more precision. Almost every alarm app lets you set multiple alarms, and Timely is no exception. On the basic side of things, you’re given control over various aspects of the alarm including setting up alarms for multiple days in a week, selecting snooze times, fade-in length, alarm volume and alarm tone from a bunch of amazing options that the app comes with out of the box. There’s also an option for gradually waking you up using a melody that fades in,. When the alarm is triggered, you’re presented with a giant Snooze orb. Moving the device while the alarm is ringing slows down the sound volume, and swipe the orb all the way up sets it off.

Timely also lets you create an account in order to sync your alarms across all your devices. The Stopwatch and Timer are also a nice addition and can be switched between on the fly by taping the button on the bottom-left, or by swiping upward.

Stopwatch Alarm Timer

Another interesting bit about Timely is its deep customization options. It offers a bunch of themes and sounds, some of which are available for free while others can be unlocked with in-app purchases. The default ones are labeled as starter pack, and even premium ones can be used for free for up to three days before you’ll need to shell out money for them. You can specify individual background styles for all three sections of the app. There are also two additional clock widgets that are part of premium content.

Clock Themes Themes Settings

All in all, Timely is undoubtedly one of the best looking Android apps out there. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.

Install Timely from Play Store


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