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Cobrets: One Tap Widget To Toggle Four Pre-set Brightness Levels [Android]

Quickly managing brightness on your Android is a one swipe, and two tap process that brings the brightness adjuster up on your screen so you don’t have to get to it by going through the Settings app. You can enable/disable Auto brightness or use the slider to adjust brightness. The problem; if you aren’t using auto brightness then every time you go outside or come in out of the sun, or just move from one place to another with different lighting, you are manually adjusting the brightness on your screen. Auto brightness is meant to handle that for you but if you aren’t satisfied with the brightness levels it sets, Cobrets lets you save four different brightness levels and toggle between them by tapping the widget on your screen.

Install the widget and go to its settings. You can choose which states the widget should toggle through and disable ones that you don’t want to use. The four states you can choose from are Minimum, Medium, Maximum, and Automatic. The brightness values of the Minimum, Medium, and Maximum states can be edited by tapping them and using the slider to adjust the levels.  Cobrets will remember these settings when you use it to toggle brightness states.

states values


Once you’ve set the brightness levels and picked which states you want to toggle through, add the widget to your home screen. The widget changes to show which brightness state is currently enabled. In the screenshots below you can see what the widget looks like when auto, maximum, medium, and minimum brightness states are enabled. Simply tapping on the widget will cycle through to the next state and it will overwrite any other brightness settings you may have set.







auto maximum medium minimum


Although Cobrets is meant to adjust screen brightness, you can use the level customization and the quick toggle feature for something far better. For example, you can reserve a certain level of brightness and assign it to ‘Maximum’. Every time you’re about to watch a video, you can quickly toggle straight to that brightness level. Likewise, you can set a brightness level that makes for comfortable reading and use the widget to switch to it when tapped.

The widget’s appearance on your home screen can be customized from its settings. For a dark wallpaper you can use the lighter look of the widget, for a light colored wallpaper you can choose the darker look of the widget, and you can also make it transparent if that’s what looks good and stands out on your home screen.

Download Cobrets from Google Play Store


  1. Really cool and minimalistic widget. I heard that it will have a screen filter in the next release.

  2. I’m using brightness control widget by curvefish for years..what’s so unique bout this one?

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