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Tomi File Manager Lets You Manage Files And Batch Uninstall Apps [Android]

One of the key features Android holds over its competitors is the ability to have complete flexibility and control over your files and folders rather than having to sync data between PC and mobile or accessing it using some other complicated methods. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to file managers on the Google Play Store and we have covered several of them here on Addictivetips, from the highly powerful Solid Explorer to the dual-pane enabled Total Commander, just to name a few. However, a new app called Tomi File Manager has recently become my new favorite, kudos to its simple interface. The app gives quick access to music, pictures, videos, documents and apps, and lets you remove multiple applications in one go.

Tomi File Manager has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member uuOuu who has hosted the APK file on Dropbox. After downloading the file (link provided below) you can install and begin using it right away. In case you download it to your computer, you can side load it to your phone and install from there.

The app offers a nice and clean design. And while it does not feel like it’s part of Android, it has decent and snappy UI. When you launch the app, it immediately shows your total disk usage. To the right, are quick access buttons for navigating to music, photos, videos, documents and apps on your phone or tablet. At the bottom of the interface is a ‘Directory’ button which opens up the main file explorer.

Tomi File Manager Tomi File Manager_Pictures

Tomi File Manager also has a really handy built-in uninstaller that you can use to quickly remove installed applications without leaving the app first, or having to install an additional tool for the purpose. One of the main grips I’ve always had with Android is inability to uninstall multiple applications. Luckily, Tomi File Manager also takes care of this by letting you remove apps in bulk. To do that, navigate to Apps screen and mark the ones you need to remove. Now tap the tick button at top left to initiate uninstall process.

Tomi File Manager_Directory Tomi File Manager_Apps

Coming to the main file explorer – which as mentioned earlier is accessed by tapping Directory – its default view is quite similar to many other file managers you may have used before, a path bar at the top, action bar at the bottom with a few buttons on it and a main window with the contents of the folder you’re currently viewing. Tomi also enables you to toggle view mode between grid and list by tapping Display. As well as sort items as name, size, type and last modified.

You can also enable ‘Show Hidden Files’ in Settings screen to view content that’s generally invisible to users such as system files, which lets say, lets you perform basic move and copy actions. Speaking of actions, Tomi enables you to create new folders, rename, copy, delete and paste files, as well as perform multiple selection.

Tomi File Manager_Directory Grid Tomi File Manager_Sort

While not the most feature-rich app of its kind, the quick access control to basic media and ability to batch uninstall apps make Tomi File Manager worth giving a shot.

Download Tomi File Manager for Android

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