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Top 5 Android Apps To Tweet Longer Than 140 Characters

As we all know, popular micro-blogging phenomenon, Twitter, allows users post tweets up to just 140 characters long. If you wish to post a message longer than that, you’ll need to resort to other web apps, such as TwitLonger, TweetExtend, RichTweet, TMI.ME, JumboTweet and EZTweets etc. Just like the Twitter web service itself, its official Android client doesn’t let users post a tweet longer than the conventional 140-character mark. Worse yet, Android users don’t have the luxury of resorting to a standalone app to post longer tweets, either. Although the previously reviewed Tweet Longer For Twitter app emerged as a worthy candidate in this regard, it didn’t last long in the market, leaving Android users yearning for an alternative solution. While we may not be able to present you with another standalone solution, we can bring to your attention several other third-party Twitter clients for Android that support integration with one of the aforementioned services, and hence, let you post tweets without taking the notorious character limit into consideration. Continue reading past the break to reveal the list.


Before proceeding further, let us inform you that any tweet posted using the following Android apps doesn’t get displayed in its full form on your Twitter Timeline (on web, that is). Instead, it is supplemented with a shortened URL that leads you to the supported service’s website, which displays the complete message. Now, unofficial Twitter clients are abound in the Google Play Store, but not all support posting relatively long tweets. In fact, there are certain apps, such as Hootsuite, that allow you post a message of any length, but only in truncated form. Similarly, you might stumble upon an app that claims to bring said feature to the table, but when put to test, it fails to deliver. Therefore, narrowing the list of apps that actually allow users to tweet ‘big’, we come down to the following names:

1. Seesmic


Seesmic is arguably one of the best and most popular unofficial Facebook and Twitter clients that bring you the best of both social worlds right on your Android. The app lets you supplement your tweets with multimedia and URL attachments, as well as location tagging. Seesmic uses the TwitLonger API to help you post tweets longer than 140 characters. Once your message exceeds said count, you can see the ‘TL’ indicator in the bottom-right of the text box, indicating a longer-than-usual-tweet.


Download Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) For Android

2. Plume


Who isn’t familiar with the renowned Plume for Twitter app by LevelUp Studio! This gorgeous-looking unofficial Twitter client for Android has been around for quite some time now, and with the latest update (v4.06), it only got better. Apart from getting the much-revered and anticipated Holo UI, the app received several other handy features, including the option to resize images pre-upload, select preferred image hosting service (with added support for MyPict.Me), and of course, integration with the TMI.ME service to help your tweets cross the 140-character barrier without any undue intervention.


Download Plume For Twitter For Android

3. TweetCaster


There is little doubting the fact that Friendcaster (Facebook client) and TweetCaster (Twitter client) proved to be a massive stepping stone for OneLouder Apps, who followed up their good work with the release of other nifty apps, including 1Weather, BaconReader and SportCaster etc. Talking of TweetCaster, this feature-rich Twitter client supports almost all the goodies that one expects to have from a quality Twitter app. The tweet segment of the app supports Text-To-Speech (TTS), geo-tagging, @Mentions, #hashtags, multimedia attachments, direct posting to Facebook, and last but not the least, the option to post longer tweets, courtesy of the app’s integration with TwitLonger.


Download TweetCaster For Twitter For Android

4. Boid


Ever since its inception, Boid for Twitter has been getting a lot of attention from Android users due its extensive and easy to use features. Despite currently being in beta, the app’s list of supported features, as well as download count, in the Google Play Store continue to rise at a rate of knots. Unlike most of the names mentioned in this particular article, Boid supports posting longer tweets right from its budding stages, thanks largely to its firm integration with the famous TwitLonger service.


Download Boid For Twitter (Beta) For Android

5. UberSocial


Though not as popular as some of the other names mentioned above, UberSocial holds its own in the world of unofficial Twitter clients for Android. Apart from its overall awe-inspiring features, the tweeting section UberSocial is laced with several handy options, including built-in link and tweet shortener, multimedia and symbol attachment, #hashtags, geotagging, Facebook posting, @Mentions, and of course, the option to submit tweets longer than the typical 140-character mark, courtesy of the app’s integration with TMI.Me.


Download UberSocial For Twitter For Android

Barring TweetCaster, all the apps mentioned above support natively displaying full context of tweets on your Timeline, regardless of their length.

Did we miss out on some noteworthy candidate? Which one among the above five is your favorite Twitter client, and why? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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