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Track TV Shows That You Are Binge Watching Or That Are On-Air [Android]

I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down to watch a TV show on a TV, at it’s regular scheduled time. My only recollection of the experience is a cringe worthy one. Fortunately, with so many streaming services available, no one has to sit through regular programming but that also makes it somewhat more difficult to keep up with showtimes for our favorite series. Meet Show Tracker, a free Android app that lets you track shows that are currently on air, or shows that you are binge-watching. The app features brief actor bios, episode lists, and a progress tracker as well time left until the next episode of a series airs.

Launch the app and use the plus button at the top to search for and add the TV shows you’re following. You can follow shows that are currently running on-air and see when the last episode or when the next one will air. You can also add shows that have run their full set of seasons or are currently off-air and that you’re binge watching.

Your home screen on Show Tracker has three tabs that you can swipe through; Recent which lists recently aired episodes of on-air shows, Shows which lists the shows you’ve added, and Upcoming which lists the next episode air dates for your shows. The Shows tab is pretty comprehensive showing you when the last episode aired and when the next one will.

Show Tracker Show Tracker_shows

To track show viewing progress, tap a show to see how many seasons and episodes you’ve seen and how many you have left. The Shows tab on the main Home screen shows a progress bar as well. The seasons expand to list every single episode of a show and you can mark the ones you’ve watched.

Show Tracker_overview Show Tracker_progress

Open the navigation drawer to access your viewing stats (aka how much of the year you’ve spent watching TV instead of being productive) and to access the app’s settings. You can choose to display the shows in alphabetical or ascending/descending order, remove prefixes like ‘The’ and ‘And’ from show titles, and select how far back and how far in advance the app should show recent and upcoming episode air times.

Show Tracker_settings Show Tracker_stats

It’s safe to say Show Tracker is the perfect companion app for following TV shows. All that’s missing is perhaps a reminder feature that alerts you when a new episode is about to air or one that warns you to stay off Twitter and Facebook because someone just died in your favorite series and you shouldn’t have the trauma ruined for you.

Install Show Tracker From The Google Play Store

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