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Translate Text And Find Word Definitions On The Fly With Floating Translator

In my teen years, I was so keen to study Japanese culture owning to my love with Manga and videogames, and often spent a lot of time looking for online resources like translators and dictionaries to even learn the language. Thankfully, I now have many mobile apps at my disposal to easily translate one language to the other. I’ve tried plenty of popular translation apps in the Google Play Store, and my favorite one so far is Google Translator, which carries a ton of features like support for a wide array of languages, and ability to translate text, speech, handwriting etc. Floating Translator is another one such tool that lets you convert text on the fly by being accessible over all other apps you might be using, including full screen apps. It also carries a built-in dictionary so you can easily search for meanings of words you not know of in and out without leaving your current activity.

The user-friendly interface of Floating Translator is probably the best thing about it. When enabled from its settings, it drops a floating icon on your screen allowing you to access it whenever and wherever you wish. Simply tap on its bubble like icon and a full translator window will pop up. You can move the bubble anywhere on the screen by tapping on it and moving your finger to your desired area. Tapping on any other area of the screen closes this window.

In case you’re wondering, Floating Translator currently support all major languages including Spanish, English, Catalan, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Russian, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. And lets you translate text between the supported ones in a snap.

Floating Translator_Settomhs Floating Translator_Soze Floating Translator_Behavior

You can also control the size and behavior of the floating bubble should you so need. For instance, you can easily resize it among different sizes ranging from very small to gigantic. The behavior on the other hand lets you specify whether it remains visible or not when the translator is out of sight.

Speaking of the translator window itself, you can move it anywhere you want and view and change selected input and output languages right away. At the top of the language drop down menu is a dict (dictionary) option which lets you find meaning of the specified word. To translate words or phrases, simply enter the required text and hit Enter key on keyboard to get your output.

Floating Translator Floating Translator_Browser

Floating Translator is available for free at the Google Play Store.

Install Floating Translator from Play Store

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