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Tweegram For Android: Create Stylized Text To Share On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Others

Inspiring words, self-quotes and amusing anecdotes don’t always have to be shared on Facebook or Twitter. With Tweegram – initially available for iOS and now on Android, too – you can now give your words a vibrant or subtle but elegant makeover. Tweegram is right up there with Textgram, which made quite an impact on both iOS and Android users. The concept is the same: you type in a quote or a catchy status update, stylize it and share it over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media. We take a look at what Tweegram has to offer, and how well it fairs given the alternative.

Tweegram 05 Tweegram 08

No fancy navigation menus to confuse you in this app; Tweegram is well laid out and as easy to use as an image editing and sharing app should be. Simply enter the text you want to modify and hit ‘Next’. As you brace yourself for some uber custom art attack, you’ll notice a list of different art types at the bottom, and that one pack reads: ‘Free Pack’. That is when you realize that the app also uses an in-app purchase system, and not a lot will be free.

To move the text around, simply drag it anywhere you want. Additionally, you can call up the ‘Edit’ bar to change the font’s color, size, alignment, and type. Disappointingly, all carry only a handful of variations. So you’ll either have to purchase some custom elements from the apps ‘Store’, or you can Tweet, or Like a page on Facebook to earn rewards with which certain elements can be unlocked.

Tweegram 01 Tweegram 02

I had hoped the developers would have added the ability to rotate the text or at least made a few more fonts and font colors available for free. Luckily, there are quite a few themes to be found in the ‘Free Pack’ so that should give users something to smile about.

Once you have modified your text, you can easily share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Picasa, Whatsapp, etc.

To sum up, yes, Textgram is not entirely free either, but the features it offers for free are way ahead of anything that Tweegram currently offers. That said, Tweegram definitely offers a much more polished UI that is very easy to understand for any new Android or iOS user.

The Android app, like its iOS variant, is available for free and is ad-supported.

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