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UNCOPT File Browser For Android Offers Holo UI, Dual-Pane View & Root Access

Update: The app has been renamed to Duo: Holo File Manager w/ Root.

Dual-pane file managers for Android have been around for a while, and so have others that let you access root level system files. Both these elements offered in one single app for free however, is a rarity that UNCOPT File Browser aims to offer. To build on that, the app sports fantastic aesthetics with a dark Holo theme, along with the ability of browsing  the contents of compressed files like any other folder, support for plugins and much more. Let’s take a look at what makes UNCOPT File browser a worthy opponent to most Android file managers out there.

For system level/root access, a rooted device is required, obviously. Though the app will still work as a conventional file manager even if your device isn’t rooted.

UNCOPT File Browser 07  UNCOPT File Browser 1

After launching the app, you can enable the dual-pane view by swiping the left edge of the screen to the right. This feature can be especially useful on tablets to utilize all that extra screen real estate. The app offers you bookmarks not just for the SD Card storage and root level file system, but directories on your SD card as well. You can add not just directories but also files to this list. Files and folders can be viewed in a grid or as a list, both of which can be set independently for each pane. Though unlike most file managers, UNCOPT doesn’t offer any settings to adjust the size of these views. You do get the usual functions like cut, copy paste, share, compress, rename and the ability to change file permissions (rooted devices only), among others.

UNCOPT File Browser 01 UNCOPT File Browser 02

By default, root access is enabled when you access a system file for the first time and grant the app root permissions when asked. Same goes for ‘Remount’, which automatically enables read/write access for system files whenever first required. This is pretty handy for the average user with a rooted device, eliminating the need for fiddling with settings first in order to do this.

Speaking of settings, there aren’t many to fiddle around with, but users with rooted devices can enable or disable root access from there and set the system partition as read/write or read-only. In addition, you can toggle notifications and default file associations. Plugins can also be added, as mentioned earlier; however, with the app being in its infancy, there is only one plugin available right now, and more like FTP support expected to arrive soon.

The lack of many features found in other file managers like adjustable list or grid size, and cloud storage support might make you think “what’s the point”? While UNCOPT File Browser may not be the most cutting edge file manager out there, its great user interface, newbie-friendly root access, dual-pane view, support for browsing the content of compressed (zip, bz2, gz, tar) files without extracting them, and promising plugin support certainly makes it a worthy choice for those who don’t need any of the missing features.

The app can be downloaded as an ad-supported free version, or you can donate to get the PRO variant and remove the ads.

Download UNCOPT File Browser


  1. This is not dual panel, this is one panel and a control panel 🙁 I’m still cool with my root browser 🙂

  2. very slow for listing folders content , icons of apks are constantly redrawed when scrolling , what’s the point of dual-panel if there is no direct copy/move between them ? all these issus are solved in totalcommander but the design is great

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