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App Eater Uninstalls Multiple Apps; Makes Them Easy To Filter Through

Previously, we’ve shown you an umpteen number of ways to batch uninstall Android apps that you don’t need anymore. The most exquisite solution so far is the Titanium Backup app which, besides offering a ton of features, also lets you remove apps in bulk. But let’s not forget Titanium Backup’s hefty price tag either. Moreover, Titanium Backup is primarily a backup utility, with uninstall features thrown into the mix to make it more worth your buck. That said, if you simply need to remove some unnecessary bloat from your device in one go, you can try App Eater instead. Not only does it allow removing apps at once, but you may also create widget to easily delete the last app you accessed, and more.

If you’re familiar with uninstalling apps like Easy Uninstaller or GO App Uninstaller, you will feel right at home when using App Eater; it offers an intuitive interface to quickly trash unneeded applications without worrying much. It shows you the most recently used apps by default, but you can easily sort the order however you please.

App Eater_Main App Eater_Select

Sorting can be done by name, install date, update date, size, recent access or locked status. That’s right, locking is another great bit about App Eater which lets you lock certain apps to prevent their removal from within this app, or its pertaining widget for that matter. Whenever you need to sort things, simply tap the button that sits between search and menu at the top.

When you tap the trash icon beside an app’s name, App Eater displays removal confirmation before commencing the actual removal process, a handy bit to prevent accidentally erasing an item. Likewise, removing multiple items also require you to tap the confirmation box each time it pops up for the selected items that needed to be trashed. To do that, simply tap names from the list followed by tapping ‘Eat (put items number here) apps’ at bottom, and you’re done!

The application also supports app search, letting you painlessly find a particular item from your app library.

App Eater_Uninstall App Eater_Menu App Eater_Search

Lastly, you can also add App Eater’s widget on home or lock screen of Android for quick and easy access. This enables uninstalling last installed or updated or the last app you opened super fast.

App Eater_New Widget App Eater_Widget

The developer promises to add root support to App Eater via future updates, which will allow users to uninstall all of the bloat from stock ROM. You can download it for free via the link below.

Install App Eater from Play Store

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