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Use Exposure And Color Point Control To Create Unique Filters [Android]

Filter apps for photos are common. Some might offer a few unique filters but it’s safe to say that the market is well saturated. The only point where most apps can compete on is the quality and intensity of the filters that are applied and what kind of customization is available. Instagram competes well enough there. A few updates ago, the app added the ability to control how intensely a filter was applied. Shift is another addition to this niche and it takes a pretty unique approach to filters; it lets you pick colors and exposure levels and then choose between random filters to apply to a photo. The color you choose is highlighted or muted in the filter and you can manage the level of exposure to create something unique. Different points on the image itself are chosen as reference when the color selection is made so that you always come up with a unique filter. Filters you like can be saved as presets and applied to any other image.

Shift has a very simple interface to look at though it packs quite a few functions. You can add filters to a photo in your camera roll or take one with the app itself. Tap the camera button at the top to select or take a photo. The app will automatically identify three points on the photo that you can move around to adjust how the filter is applied. At the bottom of the image, you will see two sets of gradient lines. The color set lets you choose which colors are highlighted and the black & white controls exposure levels.

Tap and drag one of the reference points to reposition it on the image and select a different one. Tap the shuffle button to try different filter types. You can save a filter you like by tapping the star button.

shift_select_points Shift

Once you’ve got something you like, tap the share button for the export option. Be warned that the app has ads which pop up when you export a photo and you’re likely to tap the ad as a reflex action. You can save the photo your device’s storage or export it to a different app on your device.

Install Shift From The Google Play Store

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