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uTorrent Beta For Android Released; Provides On-The-Move Downloading

If you think that you’ve had enough of all the various unreliable torrent downloaders and remote torrent clients for Android, and are looking to enjoy a full-fledged torrent downloading experience on your Android device, then here’s some great news for you; a promising looking beta of the famous torrent client, uTorrent, has just hit the Google Play Store, which brings almost the complete set of capabilities that you’ve so far been able to enjoy on your desktop. Besides catering to your torrent downloading and management needs on Android, this Holo-themed app supports several other handy options, including user-specified torrent download/upload speed limit allocation, BitTorrent featured content & RSS subscriptions, simultaneous downloads, support for local torrent files, downloading over W-Fi only, auto-start on boot, search across the web for required torrents, instant previewing of downloaded content, custom download folder allocation, notification bar alerts for download tasks, and lots more.

The app’s interface is unarguably among its high points, since it allows easy filtering of ongoing, finished and overall download tasks. The bar at the top of the screen allows you to manually add new torrents via URL and quit the app, whereas various buttons on the toolbar at the bottom let you navigate to the downloading tasks list, search for required torrents, head over to your RSS subscriptions screen, and launch the app’s settings screen – the latter is from where you can manage your subscriptions, allocate maximum upload/download speeds, specify custom incoming TCP port, and toggle the auto-start option for the app. Using various options on the subscription screen, you may browse and download torrents from the featured content, filter feed items by time/text, manually refresh content, and add new subscriptions.

utorrent-Android-Home utorrent-Android-Settings

Heading over to the current download tasks screen, you can monitor download progress of all torrents, manually pause a download, remove an item from the list, and view all files included within a torrent. Long pressing an item expands the details pane, thereby allowing you to view various torrent details, such as total size, date, number of files included, peers count, download progress, ETA and brief description. Although the app does not natively support looking for local torrent files, you can manually add a torrent to the app’s download task list via a third-party file explorer.

utorrent-Android-Preview utorrent-Android-Support

If anything, we found the app to be a bit too resource-intensive, taking a toll on the overall device components. All in all, given it’s currently just a beta, the app deserves praise for the extensive pool of options that it brings to the table. However, for the future updates, we would love to see several features included within the package, such as option to manage individual files within torrents, prioritized downloading, option to download over Wi-Fi only, tracker updating, native search engine, a homescreen widget, and the most important of all, overall stability in performance.

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    • Nope. As already mentioned in the article, the app currently doesn’t support downloading over preferred mode of internet. So, unless you have an unlimited data plan, it’s better to play around with your downloads over Wi-Fi only.

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