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Vibify Brings Smart Alert From TouchWiz To All Android Devices

For most smartphone aficionados, Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones has much broader brand recognition than all other Android devices combine. And among those, the ‘S’ nomenclature has always been the top notch offering from the South Korean giant. Back when Samsung released their Galaxy S3 device, the company unveiled a rather convenient feature called Smart Alert that notifies users of any missed calls or text the next time they pick it up by simply vibrating the device. XDA-Developer member spirosbond’s new app labeled Vibify brings this feature to all Android devices. And the interesting bit is that it lets you set vibration for more than just incoming calls and messages.

The app only works if you device remains locked and still. It automatically senses when you’ve moved your phone and and if you have a new incoming notification, for example, missed call, SMS or Facebook notification, Vibify vibrates your device to let you know that you should check your phone. What’s really interesting about Vibify is that you can enable it for most apps, which can help you get notified for important notifications only, and not just calls you didn’t take. It’s pretty easy to configure as well.

When launched, Vibify presents a small tutorial which allows you to get acquainted with its main features. Once you’re done with the walk-through, you must first enable the app by tapping the pertaining button at top right. The app will take you to ‘Notification access’ or a similar screen, where you just need to toggle it.

Vibify_Intro Vibify_Enable

It then presents a list of installed apps that are supported by Vibify. You won’t have to be very selective, because the app works with most major apps out their including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Hangouts etc. And you can easily customize the list by tapping on an individual app. Apps that are enabled will be indicated by a green line, while the Red indicator denotes the alert feature is off for an app.

You can also disable alert functionality altogether when your battery is running low. In addition, you can configure the app to turn your screen on when picked up if a notification is present, as well as simply vibrating your phone once for all alerts.

Vibify Vibify Sidebar

You can download Vibify’s APK from the app’s original thread over at XDA. The app requires Android 4.3 and above to work.

Download Vibify from XDA-Developers

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