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Vine For Android Now Available For Download [Review]

Twitter’s 6-second video sharing social network Vine made quite the entrance when it was released for iOS in January. A few hours with the app was enough to convince us that Vine’s popularity wasn’t all hype. It packs more entertainment than your regular video sharing app, largely owing to its relatively active user-base (much like Instagram) and a capture system that puts creative minds to work. The much-awaited Android variant of the app has been released to the Play Store, bringing an even larger community under its fold. A lot you might be disappointed Vine took so long to come to Android. We’re just glad it didn’t take as long as Instagram. We go hands-on after the break.

I personally find Vine to be a lot more fun as compared to the likes of Instagram. Unless you’re posting mini-vlogs or just making random selfies, ‘Vining’, as they call it, is much more challenging in that it requires more creativity. The social network already has its own celebrities – basically, early adopters with the funniest and/or most creative Vines.  There’s actor and comedian Will Sasso, with his popular lemon bit and hilarious Schwarzenegger, De Niro and Hogan impressions, Khoa, Pinot and Twitter’s own Ian Padgham with unbelievable stop motion animations and Nick Confalone, who posts short skits with his oh-so-adorable toddler.

Vine-for-Android-sign-up Vine-for-Android-home

The Android version of the app is only slightly different interface-wise. Instead of a drop-down menu at the top, it has its sections arranged into tabs, as per Google’s design guidelines. However, Twitter seems to have ignored the latest changes to the ‘Holo’ convention. The interface should look much more polished and Android-ready if and when they decide to adopt said changes.

The rest of the app is pretty much the same. You can follow other Viners to view their posts in your Feed, like and comment on their Vines, view your own Vines and keep tabs on who’s following you from the Profile section, view Editor’s Picks and discover popular Vines or trending hashtags from the Explore tab, and keep track of how other users are interacting with you from Activity.

Vine-for-Android-Explore-section Vine-Profile

You’re likely new to Vine, so go ahead and select Menu > Find People to connect with people you know on Vine and Menu > Settings to set up your profile. The app doesn’t allow re-sharing an existing Vine to Twitter and Facebook yet, but the feature should be added soon.

Vine-no-sharing-options Vine-Android-Find-People

To create a Vine, hit the camcorder icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen that follows to start recording till your 6-seconds expire. The app will stop recording as soon as you lift your finger. You can use this to do quick cuts in your videos or to move objects around while creating a stop motion animation.

Creating-a-Vine Vine-sharing-options

When you’re done, simply hit the green confirm button in the bottom-right corner. The screen that follows lets you add a description for your video before sharing it to Twitter and/or Vine (no Facebook here either for now). If you tweeted a Vine, you can always re-share it on Facebook from desktop web. The desktop web page for a Vine even lets you embed it on a website.

That’s all you need to know about the app to get started. All you need now is an idea for your first Vine. How about a stop motion animation that falls under one of the trending topics? Go ahead. Post some Vines and let us know what your experience was like in the comments section below. Is it something you’d do for fun in your free time?

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  1. I’m quite surprised they released this without a basic search capability. Also, does your settings save after change something in user settings? Read countless comments about others have that issue too.

    • Nope, the settings saving feature is broken for us too (and everyone else that we know who has tried it out). Plus sharing is missing from the picture at the moment as well, which is extremely disappointing considering Android is known for its amazing universal sharing system that any developer can utilize without even having to code anything additional for it. The app needs an update ASAP to fix these very basic shortcomings, which shouldn’t have been there in the first place in an app like this.

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