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Social Media Video Curating App Vodio Now Available On Android

Thousands of videos are uploaded online across different service each day; some go viral, others are important because of their subject matter and end up on your must-watch list. With so much video content being uploaded and shared daily, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with what’s necessary to watch and what’s viral, and still get your daily dose of video entertainment. YouTube handles this well by allowing you to subscribe to channels and also showing you what’s trending or viral when you visit it, but it’s still  not enough because not all important videos will go viral. Vodio is a fairly popular mobile app that takes care of all this; it allows you to follow channels that are based on interests such as technology or sports, and at the same time, lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts so you can continue to view trending videos from your network. The app takes it upon itself to find the videos you need to watch, and its list of videos is constantly updated so that no matter what time of the day you check it, you’re always presented with the latest content. Initially exclusive to iOS, the app is now available on Android as well.

Vodio has a simple and easy to browse interface. Swipe left or right to switch to the next channel, or swipe from bottom to top to view the channel switching tray and pick the channel you want to watch videos from. Each video thumbnail shows who uploaded it and how old it is, in addition to its length.

Vodio Vodio channels

Simply tap a video to view it. You will get options to share the video, rate it, or mark it for viewing later, on the video’s thumbnail. In the simple channel view, you can scroll down to see more videos. When in the ‘Video’ view, you can swipe left and right to view the next or previous video in that channel. To add a channel, tap the plus sign at the top and swipe the customization tabs at the top to view different channel options that are available.

video  add channel

You can share videos that you watch to your social networks, and also add any of these accounts as channel themselves. To either, open the navigation drawer and select ‘Manage Social Account’. Needless to say, you will have to sign in to each account that you want to connect, and authorize the app to connect with it.

navigation drawe  add account

Vodio has a sophisticated engine that finds videos that are important for you. It’s a good way to discover content that’s shared online by leading blogs and websites, and keep up with videos in your social feed as well. It’s already quite a popular app for the iOS platform, and now Android users will be able to enjoy this easier way of finding and viewing videos as well.

Download Vodio for Android

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