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Popular iPhone Photography App VSCO Cam Comes To Android

While they still don’t come anywhere near DSLRs yet, there’s no arguing the fact that smartphones are becoming a serious threat to point-and-shoot cameras. Most people no longer fancy carrying the burden of a dedicated snapper in their pocket when their mobile phone can suffice for the job. Even in the native Android camera app, you will find many advanced features like exposure control, white balance, ISO settings, panoramic images and what not, to help you get the most effective results. Back in June, we covered an iOS camera & image editing app called VSCO Cam. It was a fantastic option for those who need a feature-rich photo editor and a camera app in one small package. VSCO Cam has also now landed on Android, carrying all those awesome features we loved on its iOS counterpart, and then some. Read on for details.

The feature-set VSCO Cam bring to the table issimply impressive. Not only is it a great camera app, but it’s also one of the most feature-rich mobile image editors around. When launched, VSCO automatically optimizes itself according to your device’s configuration to provide the best possible experience. It opens up to into a camera interface, letting you take photos right-away, after which the snapped photos are saved under you library. That said, you can also import images already saved in your Gallery into the VSCO Library. Once imported, you can flag the photos, upload to social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or fine-tune them via the integrated advanced photo editor.

VSCO Cam VSCO Cam_Library VSCO Cam_Library 2

VSCO Cam offers a ton of image customizations in its editing workspace. It carries an impressive number of photo filters tagged with unusual names such as B1, B5, C1, F3, G3 and so on. While these filters offer one-click image makeover, you can also control all the nitty gritty details like Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Rotate, Crop, Fade, Vignette, Shadow, Higlights, Tint, Sharpness, Noise, and other advance image parameters should you so wish. Tapping the arrow button at the bottom of the editing area lets you navigate between the available editing tools.

VSCO Cam_Edit VSCO Cam_Contast VSCO Cam_Crop

Besides its robust image editing options and decent camera interface, VSCO Cam also lets photography enthusiasts show off their work online via VSCO Grid, a social community of the app’s users. You’ll need to sign up with the service first and verify your email, after which you can create your profile and begin uploading photos, all from within the app. To launch VSCO Grid, bring up the Sidebar on the home screen and navigate to VSCO Grid.

VSCO CamShadows VSCO Cam_Sidebar VSCO Cam_Journal

After you have created your profile and activated your account, VSCO will let you build your very own custom grid. The grid creation wizard asks you to specify a custom sub-domain of your choice, which can then be used by others who want to see your grid online through a web browser. All you have to do next is upload your desired photos to your grid, and they will be publicly available for others to access. Photos can also be tagged with hashtags in a Twitter-like way.

VSCO Cam_Grid VSCO Cam_New Grid VSCO Cam_Grid Profile

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a great camera app that also offers a ton of image customization options, VSCO Cam is worth giving a shot. The app is available for free at Google Play.

Install VSCO Cam from Play Store

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