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WeatherMate: News, Travel, Weather & Traffic Info Bundled Into One Android App

WeatherMate is a feature-rich Android weather app that vows to be an ideal travel companion for you. Not only does it keep you updated about 5-day weather forecast of your favorite worldwide locations, but it also offers real-time traffic information including incidents, accidents, lane blockages, road closures, and severity of traffic in concerned places. WeatherMate supports a built-in flight lookup tool that helps you search for and save flights, and keep a close tab on flight information such as baggage claims, gate & terminal details, concerned airports, flight arrival & departure times, plane speed & altitude, and lots more. The app also sports a native browser UI that helps you check out the latest news from a variety of categories including current affairs, sports, technology, politics and more. That’s not all – WeatherMate is also capable of fetching the latest tweets from a slew of popular sources including CNN, Yahoo! News, ABC News, New York Times and plenty more, to keep you informed about the latest happenings across the world.

Honestly speaking, the app’s title can be a bit misleading for many users, since it is more of a travel mate rather than ‘WeatherMate’. The weather segment only constitutes a small segment of the feature-packed app. As mentioned above, you can search for, add and keep track of 5-day weather forecasts for as many worldwide locations as you choose.


For each location, the app presents you with current weather conditions, sky status, maximum & minimum temperatures, precipitation level, wind direction, humidity level and wind speed. WeatherMate lets you search for locations by city name, zip code, IP address and latitude/longitude. To add a city to your favorites, just tap Menu > Save Location. To access weather info of a specific location, tap the Places tab at the top, and select the location from the left sidebar.


The News segment of the app is split into multiple screens, each catering to latest news from a specific category. Swiping sideways, you can switch between different categories. You can use the button at the top-right to manually add the URL of your favorite news service that you wish to follow.


The Traffic section of the app shows you the chosen location pinned on Google Maps. From this screen, you can get all the real-time traffic information regarding the selected city. If there is an incident that’s recently taken place, the app will let you share it with your colleagues. Do note that the availability of several traffic features and real-time info is subject to the location where the app is being used.


WeatherMate is available in the Play Store as both an ad-supported free version and $1.99 ad-free variant. Besides getting rid of the ads, the paid version also lets you look up flights and avail all the flight-related features mentioned above. Download links to both the variants of WeatherMate are provided below.

Download WeatherMate For Android (Free)

Download WeatherMate Pro For Android (Paid)

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