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Weatheroux⁺ Is As Simple And Clean As A Weather App Can Get [Android]

Android Lollipop, is out now and Material design is a very real and happening thing. You can read about the many great new features in Android L in our features post here. Material design is going to be changing how Android apps look very soon and in honor of simple design, here is an excellent weather app for you; Weatheroux⁺. We review so many weather apps that we could probably create a top ten list out of just those but each one is selected for one outstanding feature that may appeal to the user. With Weatheroux⁺, we love the design and simple execution of it. It’s used and navigated entirely with a tap of your finger. If that isn’t simple and minimal, I don’t know what is.

Launch the app and enter your current location. Weatheroux⁺ can only give you the weather for one city and it doesn’t automatically detect your current location. It also takes a little time to find the right city once you’ve typed in the name but it is smooth sailing from there.

With Weatheroux⁺, you need to learn where the tap points are. Tap the weather forecast where it says clear or cloudy and it changes to the forecast for the next day. You can get forecasts for the next two days just by tapping it.

At the bottom of the screen, you get a temperature reading that you can tap to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Make sure you tap on the numerical value of the unit and not on the other weather information. Tapping the weather information will give you additional information such as high and low temperatures for that day.

Weatheroux Weatheroux-units

Weatheroux⁺ changes the background color to reflect the kind of weather you will be experiencing with red and orange reserved for clear and/or sunny days and blue being used for a rainy day. The app also gives you suggestions on what to do that day like going for a picnic. Sometimes, it will remind you to take your umbrella. The app has no ads but also doesn’t come with a widget for your home or lock screen.

Download Weatheroux⁺ From The Google Play Store

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