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Website Building, Hosting & Blogging Service Weebly Comes To Android

After enjoying a good run with its iOS app, popular website building, hosting and blogging service Weebly has just released its Android app, which will allow you to create and edit new posts and publish them to your Weebly blog from within the app. Posts can be images, text or a combination of the two. The app lets you post images from your gallery or snap them from your camera and add a caption to the them. You can create a new Weebly account or a new blog from the app itself. The text editor allows you to add lists, bullet points, and hyperlinks. The app also lets you manage comments, view blog stats, and edit your blog’s theme. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app and automatically share your posts to these social networks upon publishing.

Sign in to Weebly with your Weebly or Facebook account. If this is the first time you’re using Weebly, you can create a new account and a blog from the app. The app gives you twelve different themes to choose from for your blog. Once you’re signed in and your blog is setup (or connected), you’re ready to start writing your first post. Tapping the Weebly logo at the top reveals a sidebar menu that lets you view settings for your account, log out, or submit feedback.

If you tap and hold the Weebly logo,  a drop-down will appear, from where you can switch between views for the selected blog’s stats, forms, published posts and drafts as well as comments. ‘Site Settings’ will allow you to change the theme, select the events that you’ll receive notifications for, edit the site’s title, or open your blog in your device’s browser.

Weebly sidebar Weebly dropdown

The ‘Stats’ page allows you to view stats for the past week, month, 3 months, 6 months, year, and 2 years. Stats include unique visitors and page views. The ‘Blog’ page lets you view published posts, drafts, and comments – each under its respective tab – by swiping back and forth between them.

Weebly stats Weebly blog

To add a new post, go to the ‘Posts’ tab under ‘Blog’ and click the add button. Choose whether you want to add text or a photo, type in the body of the post, and add an image either by selecting one from your gallery or snapping a new one with your camera. Next, select one or more categories for the post from the cog wheel button next to the post’s tittle. You can use one of the existing categories or add a new one. You can also choose whether the comments on the post will be open, closed, or moderated. Tap ‘Publish’ when you’re all set.

Weebly add new Weebly publish

That’s all there is to using Weebly from your smartphone. There doesn’t appear to be any way to delete posts just yet, nor to schedule them for publishing at a later time. The app is slightly buggy and during our brief test spell, we experienced a crash. It’s obviously not going to be your preferred way of publishing when you have a desktop computer available but for times when you don’t, Weebly for Android can fill the gap fairly well.

Download Weebly For Android

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