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Wemple Weather: Hourly & Bi-weekly Forecast For Multiple Cities

Weather apps are never going to get old, there will always be a new way to display, check, and track weather. Some people like aesthetically pleasing apps like Yahoo Weather, others like simplicity. In the end, we’re all looking to see if we’ll need sunscreen or an umbrella if we decide to go out. Wemple Weather is a weather app, as its name implies, for Android that lets you track the weather for multiple locations, including your current one. The forecast for each city that you want to follow is divided into three tabs; now, hourly, and forecast.


Launch the app and swipe through the intro to learn about the app’s basic features. The first step is to add your current location from the app’s home screen. Tap the location button and the app will detect where you are, immediately loading the current weather for your location. For the current weather, the app gives you the temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, how cloudy it is, and air pressure. If you don’t understand the symbols used, just tap one of the metrics and the app will tell you what it is for.

my location Wemple Weather now



Swipe to view the the hourly and bi-weekly forecast in their respective tabs.

hourly  forecast

To add a new location, go to the home screen where your current city is listed and tap ‘Add Location’. You can add a city or you can use the map to search for it. Whichever method you use, adding locations is dead simple. The new location is added below your current one and you have to select it before you swipe to a different tab or you will see the weather for your current location.

The app is basic and what we see more often with basic apps is a lack of customization but Wemple Weather doesn’t conform to that. The app lets you select if it should update the weather when it’s running in the background, it lets you select the refresh interval and it also lets you select units for temperature and wind speed.

Wemple Weather settings Wemple Weather update interval

Lastly, there is the interface which is very Google Now card-like in design. It wouldn’t be right to call it a replica but the card element is definitely there and it’s been executed well enough. The cons of this app are none; it works fine though there was a small glitch with the current location changing but it happened only once. As for a features wish list, I imagine an app that has a design as nice as this would have come up with a similarly well designed widget but there is none. What I’d also like to see is an option to select where the weather report is pulled from.

Install Wemple Weather From The Google Play Store

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