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Wireless Minder Automatically Monitors & Turns Off Unused Radios To Save Android Battery

Mobile technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade but unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t kept up with the pace. That’s why as mobile phones grow increasingly power-hungry due to all the features and apps that we keep running on them, we find ourselves sticking closer and closer to a charger cable and a power outlet to meet the charging demands of their batteries. We have seen applications like Deep Sleep Battery Saver and Greenify in the past that use different approaches to help us get the most juice out of our batteries. Apart from the screen, the biggest drain over the battery is caused by the several communication radios on our devices that we keep enabled. These include WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth on most devices. While you can manually disable them whenever not required to save battery, one often forgets to re-enable them when needed, plus what’s the use of a smartphone if you have to do this manually. Wireless Minder is a tiny app that keeps running in the background with one goal: to disable these radios when they aren’t being actively used, while still keeping on checking periodically if they are required or not. Read on for details.

So let’s say you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and have no use for keeping your mobile data enabled. It would be a hassle to keep going into settings (or using a quick toggle) to disable it each time you connect to Wi-Fi, and enable it again each time you’re out of Wi-Fi coverage. Wireless Minder takes care of that for you. Similarly, when you are on mobile data and don’t have any Wi-Fi hotspot around that you can connect to, keeping Wi-Fi enabled will drain your battery needlessly, and Wireless Minder takes care of disabling that for you as well. Since it keeps on periodically checking if the radio disabled by it can be put to use, it’ll keep Wi-Fi on if if finds an available Wi-Fi hotspot that the device can connect to upon checking, and will instead turn mobile data off for you.

Wireless Minder for Android 1 Wireless Minder for Android 2

The best thing about the app is its ‘install, launch and forget’ nature; there’s no input required from you at all, though the app does give you a notification whenever it checks for a particular radio’s status to determine if it’s required or not, and if it should be disabled/enabled, or left alone the way it is.

That said, it’s not like you have zero control over the app. Just head over to the app’s settings (accessible from its menu) and you’ll be able to choose what radios should the app monitor. The options currently available include WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile (for phone operations like calls and SMS) and Mobile data. For WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile radios, you can also choose the interval after which the app should check if the radio can be put to use after disabling it, which is set to 10 minutes by default. For mobile data, the app allows you to change radio settings between 2G, 3G and 4G as well, and choosing the right one can help you further improve battery life because having 4G enabled when you’re only getting 3G coverage is an unnecessary battery drain.

Wireless Minder for Android 3 Wireless Minder for Android 4

The app also features a scheduling option that lets you specify the hours during which it should be active, so that it doesn’t come into play when you know you’re gonna have plenty of battery (for instance at home all night long, or at your workplace with the phone connected to a charger or your computer).

Wireless Minder is a free, ad-supported app and is in active development. We’d like to see more options such as GPS and NFC also added to its list of supported radios. You can install it for free from Google Play using the link provided below, and keep up with the development at its XDA-Developers thread.

Install Wireless Minder from Play Store

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