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Wirelessly Transfer Photos & Videos Between iOS, Android, And PC With PhotoSync

When it comes to transferring files between PC and mobile, iOS users have so many tools for the purpose. PhotoSync is one of the most popular from the lot that lets you share photos and videos between iOS devices, as well as from iOS to Mac and Windows computer over Wi-Fi network, or automatically over Bluetooth without any hassle. PhotoSync has now also landed on Google Play Store for Android devices and boasts the same feature set and functionality that has made it a definitive choice on iDevices. Using this app, you can easily transfer photos and videos between Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as your computer.

PhotoSync on Android sports a stylish UI. Although it’s never looked so beautiful on Apple’s mobile OS, the developers have also updated the iOS app for iOS 7.

The home screen of PhotoSync displays a grid of images and videos that are stored on your device. You can tap on a thumbnail to select a device and then tap on the minuscule Refresh-like button at top to specify where you need to send the file, i.e. to your computer or another Android or iOS device. You can select multiple images by long-pressing a thumbnail and then selecting images by tapping on them.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Main PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Send

In case you are sharing files between Android or iOS devices, you will, of course, need to have the PhotoSync app installed on your iOS device as well.

When sending a photo or video, PhotoSync automatically scans your local network looking for connected machines, and all you need to do is tap the device to begin transfer. In case a device isn’t automatically found, you can also manually type its IP address.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Device PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Device Select

Using the companion desktop app makes it much more intuitive and hassle free for receiving files though. The Windows version, for instance, allows you to send the photo via simple drag and drop overall the small drop window near system tray.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer PC

Having done that, highlight the device name from the list and Send. Photos are transferred in full resolution almost immediately since there’s no cloud in between.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer PC Device

Coming back to the Android app, it also has a Settings screen where you can configure a whole lot of different options. For example, you can enable ‘Quick Transfer’ which allows you to transfer any new photos/videos you have taken by selecting them automatically. Furthermore, you can configure different parameters for target devices such as retaining file names and creating sub-directories where needed.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer Settings PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Setting PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer_Settings

The desktop applications of PhotoSync are free to download, the iOS version costs $3 at iTunes App Store while the Android version offers in-app purchases.

Download PhotoSync from Play Store

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